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Metabolites Editorial Office
MDPI AG, St. Alban-Anlage 66, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 683 77 34; Fax: +41 61 302 89 18
Ms. Jely He

Managing Editor
MDPI Wuhan Office, No.6 Jingan Road, 5.5 Creative Industry Park, Floor 25th. 430064 Wuhan, Hubei Province, China
Fax: +86-27-87612588


Dr. Peter Meikle (Website)

Metabolomics Laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Victoria 3004, Australia
Interests: dyslipidemia associated with obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and its relationship to the pathogenesis of these disease states; application of lipidomics to the early diagnosis, risk assessment and therapeutic monitoring of these most prevalent diseases
Special Issues and Collections
Dr. Per Bruheim (Website)

Associate Editor
Department of Biotechnology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 7034 Trondheim, Norway
Interests: mass spectrometry; metabolomics; metabolic engineering; secondary metabolites; biomakers
Special Issues and Collections
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Silas G. Villas-Boas (Website)

Associate Editor
Centre for Microbial Innovation, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Auckland, 3A Symonds Street, Auckland 1142, New Zealand
Interests: microbial metabolomics; central carbon metabolism; microbial physiology; secondary metabolites; metabolic pathway analysis; mass spectrometry; gas chromatography; metabolic flux analysis; sample preparation for metabolome analysis; metabolic engineering
Special Issues and Collections
Dr. Vladimir Likic * (Website)

Former Editor-in-Chief
Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute, University of Melbourne, 30 Flemington Road, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia
Interests: systems biology; eukaryotic parasites; microbial metabolomics; metabolic networks; metabolic flux; signal processing; mass spectrometry
* Founding Editor-in-Chief of Metabolites

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Seppo Auriola (Website)

Department of Pharmacy, University of Eastern Finland, Yliopistonranta 1, PL1627, FI-70211 Kuopio, Finland
Interests: mass spectrometry; gas-chromatography; HPLC
Dr. Christopher Barlow

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Interests: Lipidomics, mass spectrometry, gas-phase chemistry, immunology
Dr. Madhu Basetti (Website)

Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, University of Cambridge, Robinson way, Cambridge CB2 ORE, UK
Interests: NMR, cancer; metabolomics, bioinformatics, system biology, tumour metabolism
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Cancer Metabolism
Dr. Jan Baumbach (Website)

Computational Biology group, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark
Interests: metabolomics; biomarker discovery; disease classification; ion mobility spectrometry
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Data Processing in Metabolomics
Special Issue: Big Data in Metabolomics
Prof. Dr. Monica Colitti (Website1, Website2)

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DISA) via delle Scienze, 206 - 33100 Udine Italy
Interests: mammary gland, adipocytes, apoptosis, metabolism
Prof. Dr. James Cox (Website)

University of Utah, 20 South 2030 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84112, USA
Interests: yeast metabolism; iron and copper metabolism; metabolomics core; secondary metabolism in antibiotic producing bacteria
Dr. Miroslava Cuperlovic-Culf

National Research Council of Canada, 100 des Aboiteaux St., Moncton, New Brunswick E1A 7R1, Canada
Interests: cell metabolomics; cancer; omics data analysis; metabolism modelling; biomarker discovery
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Integrative Metabolomics
Dr. Clare Daykin

Chemucation Science and Maths Tuition, Greyfriars Close, Heanor, DE75 7UY, UK
Interests: metabolomics; metabonomics; metabolite-protein interactions; biological sample handling; NMR spectroscopy; chromatography
Dr. Katja Dettmer

Institute of Functional Genomics, University of Regensburg, Josef-Engert-Str. 9, 93053 Regensburg, Germany
Interests: metabolomics; small molecule analysis; seperation science; hyphenated mass spectrometry; sample preparation for metabolomics; cancer
Dr. RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel (Website)

Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences, University of Strathclyde, The John Arbuthnott Building, 161 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0RE, UK
Interests: natural products; drug discovery; NMR spectroscopy; metabolomics
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Marine Metabolomics
In other journals:
Special Issue: Terpenoids of Marine Origin
Special Issue: Selected Papers from Canadian Diarrhetic Shellfish Poisoning Symposium
Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 9th European Conference on Marine Natural Products
Dr. Wolfgang Eisenreich (Website)

Technische Universität München, Department Chemie, Lichtenbergstraße 4, 85747 Garching, Germany
Interests: isotopologue profiling; metabolic simulation; metabolic pathways and flux in plants; metabolic pathways and flux in microorganisms; metabolic pathways in animals
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Carbon Metabolism
Special Issue: Isotope Guided Metabolomics and Flux Analysis
Prof. Dr. Teresa Fan (Website)

Department of Toxicology, Markey Cancer Center and Center for Environmental and Systems Biochemistry (CESB), University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40536, USA
Interests: use of metabolomics and transcriptomics for probing metabolic regulation and adaptation in organisms in response to environmental perturbations; molecular mechanism of Se toxicity in the environment and chemoprevention in human cancers; translation of basic metabolic knowledge into functional diagnostic markers and molecular targets for cancers
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Response to Environment and Stress Metabolism
Dr. Maria Fuller (Website)

Head, Translational Research Unit, Genetics and Molecular Pathology, SA Pathology, Adelaide, Australia
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Inborn Errors of Metabolism
Dr. Julian Griffin (Website)

Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, CB2 1GA, UK
Interests: diabetes; cancer; metabolomics
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Cancer Metabolomics
Dr. Christoph Kaleta (Website)

Research Group Theoretical Systems Biology, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Raum 15N10, Leutragraben 1, D-07743 Jena, Germany
Interests: analysis of metabolic and regulatory networks; system biology
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Metabolism and Systems Biology
Dr. Peter D. Karp (Website)

Director, Bioinformatics Research Group, SRI International, AE206, 333 Ravenswood Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
Interests: metabolic pathway bioinformatics, computational genomics, database integration, biological databases, pathway reconstruction, metabolic modeling, model organism databases
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Bioinformatics and Data Analysis
Prof. Dr. Michael Lalk (Website)

Evolutionary Genetics Group, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Greifswald, Felix-Hausdorff-Strasse 4, 17489 Greifswald, Germany
Interests: metabolic profiling; microbial metabolomics; eukaryotic metabolism; host-pathogen interactions; mass spectrometry; NMR spectroscopy; gas chromatography; liquid chromatography; sampling protocols in metabolomics
Dr. Kyongbum Lee (Website)

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University, Room 142, 4 Colby Street, Medford, MA 02155, USA
Interests: adipose tissue metabolism; liver drug transformation; dynamic models of metabolic networks; targeted metabolomics
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Metabolic Network Models
Dr. Igor G. L. Libourel (Website)

Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, BioTechnology Institute, University of Minnesota, BioTechnology Institute University of Minnesota, 140 Gortner Labs, 1479 Gortner Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108-6106, USA
Interests: metabollic systems biology; core metabolism in algae
Dr. Manuel Liebeke (Website)

Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology, Department of Symbiosis, Celsius Strasse 1, 28359 Bremen, Germany
Interests: mass spectral imaging, metabolic profiling, symbiosis, microbial metabolomics, marine and terrestrial invertebrate metabolism, host-pathogen interactions, mass spectrometry, gas chromatography, sample preparation for metabolomics
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Environmental Metabolomics
Prof. Dr. Malcolm McConville (Website)

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Melbourne, Bio21 Institute of Molecular Science and Biotechnology, Parkville, Victoria 3010, Australia
Interests: isotopologue profiling; metabolic pathways in microbial pathogens; microbial glycomics and lipidomics
Dr. Steffen Neumann (Website)

Department of Stress- and Developmental Biology, Institute of Plant Biochemistry, Weinberg 3, 06120 Halle, Germany
Interests: mass spectrometry; metabolite profiling; metabolite identification; bioinformatics; databases
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Small Molecule Identification beyond the Crystal Ball - Selected Papers from CASMI
Prof. Dr. Daniel Raftery (Website)

Mitochondria and Metabolism Center, Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, UW Medicine, South Lake Union, PO Box 358057, 850 Republican St., Seattle, USA
Interests: biomarkers; cancer; metabolic disease; companion diagnostics; NMR; mass spectrometry
Dr. Ute Roessner (Website)

School of Botany, University of Melbourne, Victoria 3010, Australia
Interests: metabolomics; analytical biochemistry; metabolism; crop improvement; biomarker discovery
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Metabolomics in Plant Metabolic Engineering
In other journals:
Special Issue: Metabolomics - Applications in Marine Natural Products Chemistry
Special Issue: Metabolomics in the Plant Sciences
Dr. Richard Röttger (Website)

Practical Computer Science and Bioinformatics, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA), University of Southern Denmark, Compusvej 50, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark
Interests: machine learning; classification; clustering; systems biology; biological network analysis
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Big Data in Metabolomics
Dr. Horst Schirra (Website)

School for Chemistry & Molecular Biosciences, University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia
Interests: NMR-based metabonomics; structural systems biology
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: NMR-based Metabolomics and Its Application
Dr. Dirk Steinhauser (Website)

Department Molecular Physiology, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Am Mühlenberg 1, 14476 Potsdam-Golm, Germany
Interests: metabolic diversity and evolution; systems metabolomics, synthetic biology; computational biology and bioinformatics
Special Issues and Collections: Topical Collection: Metabolism in Phototrophic Prokaryotes and Algae
Special Issue: Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology
Prof. Dr. Claudiu T. Supuran (Website)

Neurofarba Department, University of Florence, Via Ugo Schiff 6, Polo Scientifico,50019-Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze), Italy
Interests: drug design; enzyme inhibitors; carbonic anhydrases; X-ray crystallography
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Cancer Metabolomics 2016
In other journals:
Special Issue: Structure-Based Drug Design
Special Issue: Pathogen Legionella pneumophila
Special Issue: Enzyme-Inhibitor Interaction as Examples of Molecular Recognition
Special Issue: Sulfonamides
Prof. Dr. Georgios Theodoridis (Website)

Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Aristotle University, 541 24 Thessaloniki, Greece
Interests: mass spectrometry; metabolomics; biomarker discovery; biomedical applications; nutritional metabolomics; standardising metabolomics; analytical method development
Dr. Vladimir V. Tolstikov

Director of Metabolomics. BERG. 500 Old Connecticut Path, Framingham, MA 01701, USA
Interests: metabolomics; biomarkers; systems biology; separation science; mass spectrometry
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Metabolomics and Its Application in Human Diseases
Prof. Dr. Dietrich A. Volmer (Website)

Institute for Bioanalytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Saarland University, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
Interests: metabolomics; lipidomics; proteomics; analytical method development; structure elucidation; quantitative mass spectrometry; ionization mechanisms and gas-phase ion chemistry
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Lipidomics
Dr. Aalim Weljie (Website)

Department of Pharmacology, University of Pennsylvania, 10-113 Translational Research Center, 3400 Civic Center Blvd, Bldg 421, Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA
Interests: cancer; brain tumors; NMR spectroscopy; GC-MS; biomarkers
Prof. Dr. David Wishart (Website)

Departments of Computing Science and Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E8, Canada
Interests: metabolomics; bioinformatics; cheminformatics; synthetic biology; protein chemistry; structural biology; nanotechnology and nanoscience
Dr. Di Wu (Website)

1 Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, USA
2 Kinetic Modeling and Simulation, University of Pennsylvania; Colket Translational Research Building, 34th Street and Civic Center boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA
Interests: translational medical research; clinical trial design and data analysis; clinical pharmacology; pediatric pharmacotherapy; disease mechanisms; systems biology; pharmacometrics; therapeutic drug monitoring; pharmacognosy; regulatory affairs
Prof. Dr. Pollen K.F. Yeung (Website)

Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism Laboratory, 5968 College Street, Burbidge Building, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 4R2, Canada
Interests: biomarkers; pharmacokinetics; metabolism; metabolites; HPLC; pharmacology
Special Issues and Collections: Special Issue: Biomarkers in Metabolomics
Special Issue: Metabolomics and/or Biomarkers for Drug Discovery

Journal Contact

Metabolites Editorial Office
St. Alban-Anlage 66, 4052 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 683 77 34
Fax: +41 61 302 89 18
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