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Challenges in Intelligence Testing
(Editor: Robert J. Sternberg)
15 Jul 2015 6
Cognitive Development and Individual Variability
(Editors: Anik de Ribaupierre, Thierry Lecerf)
15 Nov 2017 9
Cognitive Development and Intelligence
(Editors: Andreas Demetriou, George Spanoudis)
15 Dec 2016 9
Cognitive Models in Intelligence Research
(Editor: Anna-Lena Schubert)
31 May 2018 1
Complex Problem Solving and its Position in the Wider Realm of the Human Intellect
(Editors: Samuel Greiff, Ronny Scherer)
1 Dec 2016 7
If Intelligence Is Truly Important to Real-World Adaptation, and IQs Have Risen 30+ Points in the Past Century (Flynn Effect), then Why Are There So Many Unresolved and Dramatic Problems in the World, and What Can Be Done About It?
(Editor: Robert J. Sternberg)
31 Jan 2018 6
Intelligence in Education
(Editor: Tomoe Kanaya)
1 Aug 2018
Intelligence, Where to Look, Where to Go?
(Editor: Paul De Boeck)
30 Nov 2014 15
Mental Speed and Response Times in Cognitive Tests
(Editor: Oliver Wilhelm)
31 Mar 2016 11
Methodological Advances in Understanding the Flynn Effect
(Editor: Joseph Lee Rodgers)
31 Aug 2015 5
The Ability-Personality Integration
(Editors: Matthias Ziegler, Roberto Colom, Kai T. Horstmann, Caroline Wehner, Doreen Bensch)
31 Mar 2018 4
The Great Debate: General Ability and Specific Abilities in the Prediction of Important Outcomes
(Editors: Harrison J. Kell, Jonas Lang)
12 Feb 2018 1
What Does the SAT Measure?
(Editor: Brenda Hannon)
30 Jun 2018
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