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DNA Replication Controls
(Editor: Eishi Noguchi)
Molecular Genetics 31 October 2016
Gene Therapy
(Editor: Michael Barry)
Molecular Genetics 31 October 2016
R-loop Biology in Eukaryotes
(Editor: Frédéric Chédin)
Molecular Genetics 31 October 2016
Replication and Transcription Associated DNA Repair
(Editor: Richard T. Pomerantz)
Molecular Genetics 31 May 2016 8
RNA Editing
(Editor: H. Ulrich Göringer)
Molecular Genetics 15 October 2016
RNA Interference 2016
(Editor: Wenyi Gu)
Molecular Genetics 30 September 2016 1
Role of Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Brain Function
(Editor: Dennis R. Grayson)
Molecular Genetics 15 December 2016
Virulence Gene Regulation in Bacteria
(Editor: Helen J. Wing)
Microbial Genetics and Genomics 31 August 2016
Hippo Signaling Pathway
(Editor: Paul Reynolds)
Medical Genetics and Gene Therapy 30 April 2016 5
Therapeutic Alternative Splicing: Mechanisms and Applications
(Editors: Susan Fletcher, Steve Wilton)
Medical Genetics and Gene Therapy 31 October 2016
Fragile X Syndrome
(Editor: Mark Hirst)
Human Genetics and Genomics 30 June 2016 1
Genetics and Functional Genomics of Diabetes Mellitus
(Editors: Bernhard O. Boehm, M.D., FRCP, Rajkumar Dorajoo)
Human Genetics and Genomics 31 December 2016
microRNAs and Other Non-Coding RNAs in Human Diseases
(Editors: George A. Calin, Muller Fabbri)
Human Genetics and Genomics 30 September 2016
Telomerase Activity in Human Cells
(Editor: Gabriele Saretzki)
Human Genetics and Genomics 30 April 2016 9
MYC Networks
(Editor: Daitoku Sakamuro)
Cancer Genetics 31 December 2016
Bacterial Genomes and Their Evolution
(Editor: J. Peter W. Young)
(none) 30 November 2015 9
Cancer Genetics
(Editor: Nora L. Nock)
(none) 01 July 2016
Chromatin Dynamics
(Editor: Jessica Tyler)
(none) 30 April 2015 19
DNA Replication
(Editor: Peter Frank)
(none) 31 March 2015 10
Epigenetic Biomarkers
(Editors: Jeffrey Craig, Thomas Mikeska)
(none) 30 June 2015 6
Evolution and Structure of Proteins and Proteomes
(Editors: Kyung Mo Kim, Gustavo Caetano-Anollés)
(none) 15 August 2011 11
Feature Paper 2012
(Editor: J. Peter W. Young)
(none) 30 September 2012 6
Gene Conversion in Duplicated Genes
(Editor: Hideki Innan)
(none) 30 November 2010 11
Gene Silencing
(Editor: Célia Baroux)
(none) 15 May 2013 7
Genes and Genomes of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
(Editors: Gail M. Preston, Magdalen Lindeberg, Robert W. Jackson, Dawn Arnold)
(none) 31 August 2011 11
Genetic and Epigenetic Factors of Mental Disorders
(Editor: Huiping Zhang)
(none) 15 June 2016 1
Genetic Diversity for Crop Improvement
(Editors: Sean Mayes, Festo Massawe, Prakit Somta, Wai Kuan Ho)
(none) 31 January 2016 5
Genetic Mechanism of Psychiatric Disorders
(Editor: Xiangning (Sam) Chen)
(none) 30 September 2016
Genetics of Diabetes
(Editor: Claire Vandiedonck)
(none) 31 May 2015 8
Genetics of Mammalian Meiosis
(Editors: John Schimenti, Paula E. Cohen)
(none) 15 September 2010 10
Grand Celebration: 10th Anniversary of the Human Genome Project Print Edition available
(Editors: John Burn, James R. Lupski, Karen E. Nelson, Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
(none) 30 November 2013 41
Junk DNA' is not Junk
(Editor: Mary E. Delany)
(none) 15 May 2012 9
Mechanisms of mRNA Nuclear Export
(Editor: Rozanne M. Sandri-Goldin)
(none) 30 November 2014 5
Microsatellite Instability
(Editor: Maija Kohonen-Corish)
(none) 30 November 2014 7
miRNA Regulation
(Editor: Louise Torp Dalgaard)
(none) 30 June 2014 10
Natural and Induced Pluripotency in Stem Cells
(Editor: Paolo Cinelli)
(none) 30 September 2010 6
Next Generation DNA Sequencing
(Editor: Paul Richardson)
(none) 31 May 2010 11
Radiation-Related Cancer 25 Years After Chernobyl
(Editor: Horst Zitzelsberger)
(none) 31 October 2011 8
Reticulate Evolution
(Editor: Michael L. Arnold)
(none) 31 March 2016 5
RNA Interference
(Editor: Jeremy C. Simpson)
(none) 31 August 2012 9
Signal Transduction
(Editor: Felix H. Brembeck)
(none) 31 January 2013 9
The Early Mouse Embryo as a Model Organism for Reprogramming
(Editor: Mylene W. M. Yao)
(none) 15 January 2011 6
The TSPY Gene Family
(Editor: Yun-Fai Chris Lau)
(none) 31 July 2010 5
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