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Submission Deadline
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Computational Modeling in Inflammation and Regenerative Medicine
(Editors: Yoram Vodovotz, Rami Namas)
Computational Biology 30 Sep 2018
Computational Studies of Immune System Function
(Editors: Filippo Castiglione, Paolo Tieri)
Computational Biology 15 Jan 2015 5
Genomes and Evolution: Computational Approaches
(Editors: Rainer Breitling, Marnix Medema)
Computational Biology 31 Oct 2014 8
Multiscale and Hybrid Modeling of the Living Systems
(Editors: Gennady Bocharov, Olga Solovyova, Vitaly Volpert)
Computational Biology 31 Oct 2016 9
50th Anniversary of the Kohn-Sham Theory—Advances in Density Functional Theory
(Editors: Karlheinz Schwarz, Agnes Nagy)
Computational Chemistry 31 May 2016 17
Ab Initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry
(Editor: Samir F. Matar)
Computational Chemistry 31 Mar 2018
Advances in Electronic Structure Theory: Method Development and Application
(Editor: Jianmin Tao)
Computational Chemistry 30 Apr 2017 6
Computation in Molecular Modeling
(Editors: Luigi Delle Site, Christof Schuette)
Computational Chemistry 7 Jan 2018 4
In Memory of Walter Kohn—Advances in Density Functional Theory
(Editors: Levente Vitos, Stephan Schönecker, Karlheinz Schwarz)
Computational Chemistry 28 Feb 2018 5
Advances in Modeling Flow and Transport in Porous Media
(Editors: Qinjun Kang, Li Chen)
Computational Engineering 30 Nov 2015 17
CFD: Recent Advances in Lattice Boltzmann Methods
(Editor: Christian F. Janßen)
Computational Engineering 31 May 2017 6
Computational Aspects Related to Unconventional, Bio-Inspired and Quantum Methods
(Editors: Theodore Andronikos, Dimitrios Tsoumakos, Spyros Sioutas, Ioannis Panagis, Konstantinos Giannakis)
Computational Engineering 31 Mar 2017 5
Computational Fluid Dynamics in Civil Engineering
(Editor: Manfred Krafczyk)
Computational Engineering 30 Jun 2015 9
Computational Heat, Mass and Momentum Transfer
(Editors: Ali Cemal Benim, Jan Taler, Abdulmajeed Mohamad)
Computational Engineering 30 Jun 2018
Computational Methods in Wind Engineering
(Editor: Ali Cemal Benim)
Computational Engineering 31 Jan 2018 3
Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference from Scientific Computing to Computational Engineering (IC-SCCE 2016)
(Editor: Demos T. Tsahalis)
Computational Engineering 15 Dec 2016 7
Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference on Experiments/Process/System Modeling/Simulation/Optimization (IC-EPSMSO 2017)
(Editor: Demos T. Tsahalis)
Computational Engineering 15 Dec 2017 6
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