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Animal Management Following Natural Disasters
(Editor: Leslie Irvine)
30 September 2013 8
Animal Stress and Pain Assessment
(Editor: Lee Niel)
30 June 2015 5
Applied Ethology and Welfare of Animals
(Editor: Rachel A. Grant)
30 September 2016
Biological Anomalies Prior to Earthquakes
(Editors: Friedemann T. Freund, Rachel A. Grant, Viktor Stolc)
31 December 2014 12
Climate Change and Livestock Management
(Editor: Frank Mitloehner)
31 January 2012 13
Combination of Western and Chinese Medicine in Veterinary Science
(Editors: Christine M. Egger, Bonnie D. Wright)
31 May 2012 5
Conservation of Endangered Animals and Protection of Their Habitats
(Editor: John L. Koprowski)
01 September 2013 5
Dairy Cow Mobility and Lameness
(Editor: Jon Huxley)
31 May 2015 7
Ethical and Social Dimensions of Animal Experimentation
(Editors: Pru Hobson-West, Kate Millar)
30 November 2014 7
Ethical and Welfare Dimensions of the Management of Unwanted Wildlife
(Editors: Kate Littin, Trudy Sharp, Ngaio Beausoleil)
31 July 2015 6
Horses and Risk
(Editor: Kirrilly Thompson)
30 October 2015 15
Management and Welfare of Shelter Animals
(Editor: Pauleen Bennett)
28 February 2015 10
Minding Animals: Emerging Issues Concerning Our Relationships with Other Animals
(Editor: Marc Bekoff)
31 March 2011 13
Monogastric Animal Nutrition and Metabolism
(Editor: Geert Janssens)
29 February 2012 7
Nutritional and Metabolic Health of Dairy Cow
(Editor: Àlex Bach)
30 April 2015 5
Palatability of Pet Food
(Editor: Edgar Chambers IV)
30 November 2014 5
Pig Transport
(Editors: John J. McGlone, Anna K. Johnson)
31 May 2014 14
Pig Transport 2016
(Editors: John J. McGlone, Anna K. Johnson)
31 August 2016
Poultry Welfare
(Editors: Christine Nicol, T. Bas Rodenburg)
30 November 2015 10
Salmonids, Culture and Welfare
(Editor: Luis Hector Hernandez Hernandez)
30 November 2016
Sustainable Animal Production
(Editor: Alan Fredeen)
15 March 2014 7
The Future of Farm Animal Welfare
(Editor: Marian Stamp Dawkins)
28 February 2013 14
The Future of Farm Animal Welfare 2016
(Editor: Paul Koene)
31 October 2016
The Future of Humane Killing of Animals
(Editor: Huw Golledge)
30 September 2015 1
Urban Wildlife Management
(Editor: Darryl Jones)
31 October 2013 10
Wildlife-human interactions in urban landscapes
(Editor: Darryl Jones)
31 March 2016 1
Zoonotic Diseases of Companion Animals
(Editor: Philip H. Kass)
30 September 2014 7
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