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Agriculture and Rural Development
(Editor: Sanzidur Rahman)
31 January 2016 6
Animal Diseases in Agriculture Production Systems: Trends and Impacts
(Editor: M. D. (Mo) Salman)
01 February 2013 6
Big Data Application in Agriculture
(Editor: Ritaban Dutta)
31 July 2016
Biofuels, Food Security, and Accompanying Environmental Concerns
(Editor: Terence J. Centner)
31 July 2012 9
C and N Cycling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agroecosystem
(Editor: Ryusuke Hatano)
31 December 2016
Climate and Agriculture—International Conference on Technological Advances in Climate-Smart Agriculture and Sustainability
(Editors: Tarendra Lakhankar, Nir Y. Krakauer, Ajay K. Jha, Milind L. Waikar, Gopala K. G. Krishnamacharyulu)
31 May 2017
Conservation Tillage for Organic Farming
(Editor: Patrick Carr)
01 February 2017
Distributed, Interconnected and Democratic Agri-Food Economies: New Directions in Research
(Editors: Giaime Berti, Moya Kneafsey, Larry Lev, Irene Monasterolo, Sergio Schneider)
31 May 2016 4
Dynamics of Root–Soil–Microbial Interactions
(Editor: Yinglong Chen)
31 August 2016
Economic Sustainability of Bioenergy Systems
(Editor: Gbadebo Oladosu)
30 June 2016
Effects of Biochar on Soil Fertility and Crop Production
(Editor: Bin Gao)
31 July 2015 8
Food Safety Management and Poultry Production
(Editor: Lawrence Goodridge)
01 July 2013 7
Forage Plant Ecophysiology
(Editor: Cory Matthew)
30 April 2015 13
Fresh Produce Wastage
(Editors: Michael Blanke, Daryl Joyce, Jenny Ekman)
30 September 2015 5
Functional Food and Health: A Paradigm Shift in Agriculture
(Editor: Muraleedharan G. Nair)
31 July 2012 6
Fungal Metabolites
(Editors: Anna Andolfi, Rosario Nicoletti)
30 June 2016 1
Healthy Benefits of Nutraceutical, Phytochemicals in Agricultural Products
(Editors: David D. Kitts, Sherry A. Tanumihardjo)
30 November 2012 10
Impacts of Climate Change and Agricultural Practices on Watershed Hydrology
(Editors: Soni M. Pradhanang, Thomas Boving)
31 July 2016
Innovative Approaches to Agricultural Water Management
(Editor: Mohammad Valipour)
30 September 2016
Integrated Pest Management and Organic Farming
(Editors: Ruggero Petacchi, Giovanni Burgio)
01 October 2016
Nutritional Toxicology and Animal Nutrition
(Editor: Wayne L. Bryden)
01 September 2015 12
Options for Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change
(Editors: Annelie Holzkämper, Sibylle Stöckli)
31 March 2016 5
Persistent and Emerging Issues in the Safety of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
(Editors: Pascal Delaquis, Susan Bach)
15 February 2015 5
Recycling Organic Wastes in Agriculture
(Editor: Stephen R. Smith)
10 August 2015 10
Remote sensing for crop production and management
(Editor: Yanbo Huang)
31 October 2015 5
Soil Biology and Its Importance in Soil Fertility
(Editor: Les Copeland)
31 December 2011 8
Soil Erosion: A Major Threat to Food Production and the Environment
(Editor: David Pimentel)
01 October 2013 13
Spectral Reflectance and Fluorescence Measurements of Crop Performance
(Editor: Mauricio Hunsche)
01 February 2014 8
Sustainable Agriculture
(Editor: Stephen J. Herbert)
31 March 2015 7
Sustainable Farming Practices
(Editor: Robert Evans)
31 May 2016
The Impact of Plant Disease on Food Security
(Editor: David Guest)
30 April 2012 5
The Role of Plant Disease Resistance in Sustainable Agriculture
(Editor: Yiping Qi)
30 June 2016
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