Advanced Self-Cleaning Surfaces

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February 2024
162 pages
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Self-cleaning surfaces can be achieved using a variety of strategies, materials and technologies, and their applications are as wide as their production methods. The interdisciplinary topic “advanced self-cleaning surfaces” has collected a variety of approaches for self-cleaning, including theoretical approaches, as well as small-scale laboratory experiments and material validation in relevant environments, demonstrating how tailoring the surface for the nano- and micro-meter scale surface phenomena can affect the larger-scale phenomena. This reprint contains all articles included in the topical collection published across different journals—Materials, Membranes, Nanomaterials and Coatings—and is intended to be of help to the scientific community involved in this field to improve collaboration among diverse disciplines and promote novel insights across interdisciplinary research fields.

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self-cleaning; superhydrophilic; superhydrophobic; amphiphilic; oleophobic; bioinspired; nanostructured surfaces; wetting; wettability; photoactivity; antibacterial; antiviral; numerical; simulations; experimental tests; theoretical approach; surface characterization; chemical/physical surface modifications