Public Awareness of Food Products, Preferences and Practices

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August 2023
276 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Public Awareness of Food Products, Preferences and Practices that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences
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Public Health & Healthcare

This reprint is the result of a Special Issue, which took place in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH) during 2022-2023. The general topic of the reprint discusses the different uses, protection and promotion of food, always from a broad perspective, through 15 innovative research papers, from both qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches.

  • Hardback
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health; values and preferences; red meat; processed meat; cross-sectional study; mixed methods; explanatory sequential; survey; food consumption; well-being; dietary patterns; sustainable consumption; consumer behaviour; food well-being; subjective well-being; social influence; food choice; climate-friendly eating; social media; political consumerism; children’s health; functional diversity; commensality; self-esteem; shame; loneliness; aquaculture; food heritage; carp; consumer preferences of Young Adult Populations; marketing place; sustainability; consumer attitudes; organic food; consumer behavior; sustainable food; food surveys; food change; food policies; sociology of food; obesity; edible insects; health; sustainability; alternative proteins; planetary health; systematic review; gastronomic routes; Iberian ham; olive oil; wine; Córdoba; ARIMA; food; gastronomic tourism; social media data; outdoor dining environment preference; rural restaurants; human-oriented; rural sustainable development; food label; consumer purchase intention; attitude; food delivery app; online food delivery; online-to-offline (O2O); consumer behavior; COVID-19; post-pandemic; thematic review; edible insects; food preferences; entomophagy; nutrition surveys; food choice; food neophobia; cultural domains; pile sorts; food risk; trust; distrust; pregnancy; breastfeeding; prehabilitation; ERAS; endometrial cancer; surgery; protein supplementation; n/a