Preparation of Nanomaterial Modified Electrode and Its Sensing Application

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December 2022
224 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Preparation of Nanomaterial Modified Electrode and Its Sensing Application that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science

This book focuses on nanomaterials and strategies to fabricate the electrode for electrochemistry-based sensors. Excellent nanomaterials are essential for high-performance electrochemical sensors, while strategies for controllable assembly of nanomaterials on the electrode and the fabrication of sensing devices can be also important. This book covers the preparation of nanomaterials (magnesium phyllosilicate, metal–organic frameworks (MOF), and covalent–organic frameworks (COF), the fabrication of electrodes with unique several attracting properties (e.g., transparency) using carbon nanomaterials or novel nanotechnologies, and applications of electrochemical sensors.

  • Hardback
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electrochemical biosensors; self-assembly; nanomaterials; hybridization; peptide; streptavidin; micro electrochemical sensor; multi-analyte detection; graphene oxide (GO); biofouling; oxo functionalities; copper cobalt sulfide; porous structures; nonenzymatic glucose sensing; electrocatalysts; analytical methods; biosensors; carbon materials; electrochemical sensing; H2O2; nanomaterial; pH; graphene; graphene oxide; defect; surface functionalization; SWCNT; layer-by-layer; transparent electrode; DFTB; DFT; binding energies; nanoprobe; pathogen heat-treatment; adenosine triphosphate luminescence; graphene transparent electrode; stretchable electrodes; PDMS; Ag; contact point; tunneling effect; sol–gel processing; talc-like clay; amino-functionalized clay; glassy carbon electrode; Pb(II) detection; water bioremediation; covalent organic frameworks; electrochemical sensor; hydrazine; nitrophenol; nitrogen doped carbon; reduced glutathione; disposable immunosensor; electrochemical detection; nanochannel array; patterned ITO electrode; prostate-specific antigen; n/a