Advances in Fluid Power Systems

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September 2022
262 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advances in Fluid Power Systems that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
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The main purpose of this Special Issue of “Advances in Fluid Power Systems” was to present new scientific work in the field of fluid power systems for hydraulic and pneumatic control of machines and devices used in various industries. Advances in fluid power systems are leading to the creation of new smart devices that can replace tried-and-true solutions from the past. The development work of authors from various research centres has been published. This Special Issue focuses on recent advances and smart solutions for fluid power systems in a wide range of topics, including: • Fluid power for IoT and Industry 4.0: smart fluid power technology, wireless 5G connectivity in fluid power, smart components, and sensors.• Fluid power in the renewable energy sector: hydraulic drivetrains for wind power and for wave and marine current power, and hydraulic systems for solar power. • Hybrid fluid power: hybrid transmissions, energy recovery and accumulation, and energy efficiency of hybrid drives.• Industrial and mobile fluid power: industrial fluid power solutions, mobile fluid power solutions, eand nergy efficiency solutions for fluid power systems.• Environmental aspects of fluid power: hydraulic water control technology, noise and vibration of fluid power components, safety, reliability, fault analysis, and diagnosis of fluid power systems.• Fluid power and mechatronic systems: servo-drive control systems, fluid power drives in manipulators and robots, and fluid power in autonomous solutions.

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CFD analysis; directional control valve; poppet valve; flow resistance; pressure loss reduction; mechanical seal; non-contacting face seal; heat transfer; thermal analysis; aggressive driving; hybrid electric vehicle; driver behavior; pneumatics; hybrid systems; fluid power; air expansion; noise reduction; SPL measurement; hydraulic motor; effective absorbency; theoretical working volume; actual working volume; volumetric efficiency; mechanical efficiency; gyroscope system; sensitivity; optimal regulator; quadcopter; FMEA; failure analysis; matrix FMEA; vane pump; simulation; mechatronics; control systems; guided missile; flight dynamics; LQR control; Kalman filter; electronic oxygen regulator (EOR); pressure control; disturbance observer; sensitivity function; frequency domain analysis; molten salt reactor plant; nonlinear dynamic model; control system design; transient characteristics analysis; normal and accident conditions; k pressure losses; satellite motor; water; oil; CFD calculation; internal channels in motor; pressure efficiency; FMEA; risk analysis; fluid power systems; small module dual fluid reactor; delayed neutron precursor drifting; load regulation; uncertainty-based optimization; particle swarm optimization; uncertainty and sensitivity analysis; n/a