Relative Sea-Level Changes and their Impact on Coastal Zones

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July 2022
302 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Relative Sea-Level Changes and their Impact on Coastal Zones that was published in

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In the last few centuries, the study of sea-level changes along the world's shores has been a primary scientific focus in analyses of climate change, but also for scientists exploring past landscape evolution, geomorphological processes, human impacts, and system responses. The relative variation in sea level derives as a result of global, regional, and local processes. All these processes are spatially and temporally variable and cause complex sea-level changes at both regional and local scales. A multidisciplinary approach addressed to palaeo sea-level reconstructions at regional and local scale is the best method to understand the role of natural and anthropogenic forcing in the landscape evolution, as well as to discover the historical human adaptions to natural modifications of the landscape. Definitely, investigating these regional and local patterns is mandatory to reconstruct possible scenarios of the relative sea level rise impacts and to prepare the adaptation of coastal communities threatened by future climate changes. The aim of this Special Issue has been to collect contributions addressing and discussing methodological and multi-disciplinary approaches to studying the regional and local coastal modifications in relation to historical and recent relative sea-level changes to hypothesize future trends.

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sea-level rise; Mediterranean Sea; tide gauges; natural variability; vertical land motion; Mississippi River Delta; Louisiana; salinity; sediment; wetland loss; estuary; diversion; sea-level rise; environmental planning; coastal restoration; sea level; coastal erosion; coastal morphometry; Baltic Sea; coastal changes; vertical ground movements; geoarchaeology; 3D model; relative sea level changes; Campi Flegrei; Holocene; coastal lagoon; geochronology; sea level change; bio-indicators; Mediterranean Sea; climate change; adaptation costs; investment decision; Spain and Portugal coastal cities; uncertainty; stochastic model; sea-level rise; coastal dynamics; erosion; accretion; submersion; boulders; Medicane; flow; UAV; waves; coastal barrier; continuous backstepping pattern; incised valley; sapropel S1; sea-level rise; Mediterranean Sea; coastal plains; relative sea-level rise; 2100; marine submersion; sea level change; tide-gauges; atmospheric variability; Tyrrhenian sea; climate change; interannual variations; acqua alta; well log correlation; late Quaternary environments; sea-level changes; Volturno plain; southern Italy; geomorphological coastal changes; sea storm effects; integrated 3D remote sensing surveys; sedimentary dynamics; western Ligurian sea; n/a

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