Shoreline Dynamics and Beach Erosion

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May 2023
258 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Shoreline Dynamics and Beach Erosion that was published in

Environmental & Earth Sciences

Coasts are highly dynamic and geomorphologically complex systems that evolve under the growing pressures of climate change and anthropogenic activities, which can have direct or indirect impacts on the coastal environment. Among the major adverse effects, coastal erosion represents one of the most pressing global issues, especially in flat and low-lying coastal areas that appear to be particularly susceptible to beach erosion and related shoreline retreat. This Special Issue presents twelve papers on “Shoreline Dynamics and Beach Erosion” that contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the dynamics and spatial-temporal evolution of shorelines and beach systems. Using multi-, interdisciplinary, and new experimental approaches, coastal systems of variable complexities located in different geographic and climatic contexts are investigated. The major topics covered concern the morphodynamics and hydrodynamics of coastal systems, the driving factors of coastal erosion, and the use of models and indexes to study coastal vulnerability, and the mitigation of human and natural pressures affecting coastal ecosystems.

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Baltic Sea; cliff; sandy spit; beach; beach gravels; gravel grain shape; lithostatistical analysis; coastal zone dynamics; lithodynamics; beach sediment budget; coastal dynamics; beach evolution; coastal morphology; feed-back processes; Philippines; Lingayen Gulf; Suruga Bay; high-angle waves; sand spit; shoreline instability; BG model; rate of longshore sand transport; wave climate; nearshore bars; field data; cross-shore bar migration; wave conditions; wave non-linearity; storms; teleconnection patterns; Black Sea; crenulated-bay beach; hyperbolic-tangent shape; shoreline response; Boussinesq Wave model; coastal defences; extreme wave storms; tidal levels; tourist beaches; beach erosion; infrastructure damage; socioeconomic impacts; Tenerife; Canary Islands; volcanic coast; cliff instability; rock falls; Campi Flegrei; southern Italy; sea-level rise; InSAR; Magdalena River; coastal changes; subsidence; mangroves; sediment compaction; La Mancha lagoon; coastal; dynamics; DESCR framework; barrier spit; overwash; barrier migration; shoreline change; hurricane; extra-tropical storm; North Captiva Island; barrier island; Hurricane Charley; sediment transport; shoreline evolution; beach erosion; UAV data elaboration; coastal vulnerability assessment; CVA approach; Molise coast; Italy; morpho-sedimentological characterization; coastal system analysis and modeling; hydro-meteorological extremes; sea level rise; coastal hydrodynamics; beach erosion drivers; coastal susceptibility and risk; coastal dune and beach management; coastline defense and anthropization

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