Physical Processes in Lakes

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April 2022
212 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Physical Processes in Lakes that was published in

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Physical processes are keys for the status of a lake. In this Special Issue, the emphasis is on dissolved oxygen and on exchange of gases, energy and momentum between atmosphere and further mixing and consumption within the water. The studies presented relate to ice-free as well as ice-covered lakes. Field measurements are combined with theoretical approaches.

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hydrodynamic model; bubble plume; artificial mixing; GLM; Si3D; dissolved gas; Henry law; total gas pressure; ebullition; greenhouse gases; lacustrine waters; diurnal variation; hourly model; water temperature; dissolved oxygen; shallow lakes; and sediment heat flux; water quality; chlorophyll-a; phosphorus; phosphorus release; dissolved oxygen; full set of turbulent stresses; Acoustic Doppler current profilers; interbeam velocity correlations; ice-covered lakes; convectively-mixed layer; anisotropic turbulence; shallow lake; ice-covered period; ice phenology; snow-ice cover thickness; dissolved oxygen; water temperature; under-ice irradiance; radiatively driven convection; climate change; 3D modelling; stratification; bubble plumes; fractal; lakes; mixing; multi-scale; stratification; turbulence; energy fluxes; energy content; lakes; reservoirs; internal waves; surface waves; biogenic turbulence