Biosensors: 10th Anniversary Feature Papers

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March 2022
122 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Biosensors: 10th Anniversary Feature Papers that was published in

Biology & Life Sciences
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Biosensors are analytical devices used for the detection of a chemical substance, or analyte, which combines a biological component with a physicochemical detector. Detection and quantification are based on the measurement of the biological interactions. The biological element of a biosensor may consist of tissues, microorganisms, organelles, cell receptors, enzymes, antibodies and nucleic acids. These devices have been shown to have a wide range of applications in a vast array of fields of research, including environmental monitoring, food analysis, drug detection and health and clinical assessment, and even security and safety. The current Special Issue, “Biosensors: 10th Anniversary Feature Papers”, addresses the existing knowledge gaps and aids the advancement of biosensing applications, in the form of six peer-reviewed research and review papers, detailing the most recent and innovative developments of biosensors.

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antioxidants; biosensor; nanomaterials; vasodilator activity; breast cancer screening; imaging biomarker; deep sparse autoencoder; dimensionality reduction; deep-learning features; Bioassays; high performance thin layer chromatography; endocrine disrupting compounds; fluorescent proteins; wastewater; electromagnetic piezoelectric acoustic sensor; quartz; adsorption; diagnostics; extracellular vesicle; dithiocarbamate fungicides; chromatography; Raman spectroscopy; sensors; enzyme inhibition; voltammetry; biosensors; tobacco mosaic virus (TMV); capacitive field-effect sensor; bi-enzyme biosensor; enzyme-logic gate; urease; penicillinase