Green Economy and Sustainable Development

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February 2022
360 pages
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3223-3 (Hardback)
  • ISBN978-3-0365-3222-6 (PDF)

This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Green Economy and Sustainable Development that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences
Physical Sciences

Considering the importance of the challenges for sustainable development, this Book is intended to disseminate the results of cutting-edge research and broadcast the opinions of scientists from around the world, providing technological breakthroughs in green energy and urbanism, recycling and modernization of basic industries, conducting fundamental research on the economic problems of the transition to sustainable development.

  • Hardback
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polyvinyl butyral; solar panels; environment; standard of living; renewable energy; linear ordering; canonical analysis; sustainable development; sustainable development; determinants of sustainable development; regional operational programmes; European Union funds; solar energy; solar oven; concentrating; CFD analysis; environmental potential; development potential; social potential; municipal development indicators; Wałbrzych region; efficiency; operational safety; gravity; ventilation; natural ventilation; productivity of sources; environmental goals; energy efficiency; circular economy; waste economy; productivity of energy sources; circular economy; waste treatment; Slovakia; renewable energy; solar flat plate liquid collector; non-metallic; energy cluster; sustainable development; GIS; affordable and clean energy; multiple regression; circular economy; sustainable development; planned obsolescence; environment; classification trees; Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA); energy efficiency; slack-based model (SBM); undesirable output; three-stage DEA; influencing factors; sustainable city; climate change; Seawater Steam Engine; renewable energy sources; drinking water; heating and cooling; electricity; powered roof support; hydraulic leg; hydraulic system; work automation; tests under real conditions; integrated energy planning; near-zero carbon emission; near-zero carbon emission demonstration district; renewable energy; urban district planning methods; energy consumption; information gap; Industry 4.0; IT project; Green I; n/a

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