Advanced Techniques and Efficiency Assessment of Mechanical Processing

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February 2022
128 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Advanced Techniques and Efficiency Assessment of Mechanical Processing that was published in

Chemistry & Materials Science
Environmental & Earth Sciences

Mechanical processing is just one step in the value chain of metal production, but to some exten,t it determines an effectiveness of separation through suitable preparation of the raw material for beneficiation processes through production of required particle sze composition and useful mineral liberation. The issue is mostly related to techniques of comminution and size classification, but it also concerns methods of gravity separation, as well as modeling and optimization. Technological and economic assessment supplements the issue.

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belt ore measurement; convolutional neural network; image processing; contour detection; OpenCV; brittle materials; uniaxial compression; comminution; particle size; movement characteristics; particle velocity; kinetic energy; spatial distribution; flotation; copper ore; lithology; flotation agents; particle size distribution; taxonomic methods; Dual-Energy X-ray Transmission (DE-XRT); sulphide; polymetallic; vibrating flip-flow screen; DEM; wet stick material; JKR model; separation performance; aggregates; jig beneficiation; mineral processing; raw materials; separation; raw materials; mineral processing; enrichment; comminution; HPGR; approximation of particle size; mineral processing; sieving screen; diagnostics; predictive maintenance; wavelet transformation; n/a