Toward Sustainability: Bike-Sharing Systems Design, Simulation and Management

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September 2021
252 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Toward Sustainability: Bike-Sharing Systems Design, Simulation and Management that was published in

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The goal of this Special Issue is to discuss new challenges in the simulation and management problems of both traditional and innovative bike-sharing systems, to ultimately encourage the competitiveness and attractiveness of BSSs, and contribute to the further promotion of sustainable mobility. We have selected thirteen papers for publication in this Special Issue.

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bike sharing; rebalancing; clustering; optimization; sustainability; bike-sharing; public bicycles; shared use mobility; cycling; sustainable transport; Free-Floating Bike-sharing Systems; causes of disorderly parking; factor analysis; sustainable mode of transportation; bike-sharing system; public bicycle; complex network; network structure; e-bike sharing; transport sustainability; mobile depot; cruise tourism; ordered probit model; bikeway network design; selective nodes; elimination heuristic; demand coverage; bike share; cycling safety; night-time visibility; cognitive difference between cyclists and drivers; free-floating bike-sharing system; influence factor; social-psychological variables; intention; use frequency; post-sharing era; bikesharing; brand choice; conditional Logit model; sustainable development; public bike sharing; cluster analysis; categorization; data collection; sharing economy; bike-sharing; stated preference; discrete choice models; sustainable transport; bike-sharing rebalancing problem; multi-energy mixed fleets; traffic restrictions; simulated annealing; variable neighborhood structures; BSS station efficiency; data envelopment analysis; spatial analysis in transport; bike-sharing system; bike-sharing station; n/a