Exploring Ritual Fields Today

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September 2021
150 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Exploring Ritual Fields Today that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Rituals, although seemingly traditional and fixed, a re v ery m uch contextualand subject to change. Rituals do not exist and are not performed in a vacuum,and are not independent of time and place. They are deeply influenced by thecultural, social, economic, and political contexts in which they appear. Trendsin culture also lead to ritual trends. Therefore, rituals are a dynamic field, whichis reflected in this Special Issue of Religions regarding "Exploring RitualFields Today".
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form-of-life; monastic spirituality; ritual practice; ritual transfer; satī; widow-burning; India; ritual criticism; chronotopicity; adaptive reuse; church architecture; ritual; liturgy; funeral; ritual dynamics; space; boundaries; cemetery; religious groups; minority groups; arena; pluralization; cocreation; ritual; ritualizing; childbirth; pregnancy; spirituality; meaning making; embodiment; deconsecration; desecration; consecration; profanation; church buildings; sacred space; church reuse; altar; Roman Catholic Church; canon law; rituals; hospice; spirituality; cultural analysis; good death; ritual; pilgrimage; institutional religion; routes; sacred places; landscape; agency; power; entrepreneurs; Europe; n/a