Material Culture and Religion: Perspectives over Time

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October 2023
242 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Material Culture and Religion: Perspectives over Time that was published in

Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

The materialisation of religiosity has been expressed since prehistoric times through material culture. This material culture serves as a tangible embodiment of faith, communicating the diversity of human spiritual experiences. It encompasses a wide range of objects, structures, symbols, and practices that not only shape religious identities, but also reflect the evolving nature of human society. This interaction between religious beliefs and their material expressions enables an understanding of the role of religion in shaping human culture and identity.

Through 13 different approaches, this reprint aims to present a cross-cultural analysis of religiosity. Its main objective is to recognise the importance of this materialisation in the knowledge of different religions, as well as to maintain, preserve, and safeguard this diverse and rich heritage for future generations.

  • Hardback
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archaeology; Abu Dhabi; Umm Al Quwain; heritage tourism; commodification; mosque and trade; sustainability of mosques; mosques in Antalya; mosque architecture; use of mosques; Catholic Church; ecclesiastical museums; museology of religion; museum studies; religious heritage; golden body; gilded statue of Buddha; mercury gilding; gold leaf gilding; Chinese Buddhism; Mariology; Marian iconography; Mary’s universal mediation; eternal salvation; Last Judgement; medieval liturgical hymns; doctrinal symbol; gothic portal; material culture; the worship of Mazu; ancestral temple of Mazu; religious tourism; commodification; Khazar state; Karay Turks; Karaism; Crimea; transition period; death rituals; San Francisco de La Paz; mestizo baroque; symbolic space; altarpiece discourse; lattimo glass; cross-cultural design; Venice; porcelain; Chinoiserie; Portuguese Way to Santiago; pilgrimage; motivations; religious motivations; spirituality motivations; cultural motivations; ecumenism; places of worship; religious tourism; faith-themed routes; St. Paul’s route; cultural route certificates; cultural route certificate criteria; sound; image; memory; religious places; site-specific; sense of place; archeology; Roman times; Hispania; Bracara Augusta; funerary buildings; funerary practices

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