Landscapes and Landforms of Terrestrial and Marine Areas

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September 2021
342 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Landscapes and Landforms of Terrestrial and Marine Areas that was published in

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This volume collects papers dealing with the integrated study of emerged and submerged areas, by means of different approaches and techniques. It shows the reasons why the integration of terrestrial and marine datasets would be desirable in geoenvironmental studies, and demonstrates how such an integration is unquestionably beneficial in modern research, ranging from Late Quaternary landscape evolution to geohazards, geomorphological mapping, geoarchaeology, geoheritage and geodiversity, and marine benthic habitat mapping.

  • Hardback
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coastal landscape evolution; Roman harbours; archaeological sea level marker; cultural heritage documentation; unmanned surface vessel; remote sensing of acoustic and optical data; 3D photogrammetric point cloud; water resources; geodiversity assessment; geosystem services; geoheritage; hydro-geodiversity; Sesia Val Grande UNESCO Global Geopark; underwater geoheritage; geosites; geomorphological survey; geotourism; Portofino Park; Italy; rocky coast; extreme waves; active erosion; geohazard; Croatia; morphostratigraphy; sea-level changes; marine terraces; river incisions; Adriatic Sea; coastal geomorphology; submarine geomorphology; cliffs; sea-level changes; Cilento; southern Italy; geomorphometry; seafloor mapping; spatial analysis; algal reefs; bioconstruction volume; multibeam bathymetry; sound velocity; Quaternary sediment; submerged alluvial plain; coastal morphodynamics; climate change; vulnerability index; Gozo; Malta; terrestrial geomorphology; submarine geomorphology; white ribbon; paleo-geography; coastal management; eastern Adriatic coast; estuary; sea-level rise; tufa; multi-beam; sub-bottom profiler; holocene; submarine geomorphology; morphostratigraphy; sea-level changes; Last Glacial Maximum; Sardinia; Italy; Sumatra; barrier island; earthquake; tsunami; land subsidence; liquefaction; morphology resilience; GIS; marine terraces; submarine geomorphology; coastal geomorphology; sea level oscillation; Tyrrhenian margin; n/a

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