100 Years of Chronogeometrodynamics: The Status of the Einstein’s Theory of Gravitation in Its Centennial Year

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September 2017
468 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue 100 Years of Chronogeometrodynamics: the Status of the Einstein's Theory of Gravitation in Its Centennial Year that was published in

Physical Sciences
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general relativity and gravitation; classical general relativity; gravitational waves; quantum gravity; cosmology; experimental studies of gravity; Solar system anomalies; Riemann–Cartan spacetime; gravitation models; autoparallel curves; geodesic curves; cosmology; general relativity; topology; cosmic microwave background; Planck telescope; light deflection; cosmological constant; time transfer function; relativity; gravitational lensing; nonlocal gravity; celestial mechanics; dark matter; gravitation; general relativity; fundamental problems and general formalism; Mach’s principle; Relativistic Quantum Geometry; Quantum Complex Fields; general relativity; sheaf cohomology; abstract differential geometry; singularities; geometrodynamics; distributions; generalized functions; nowhere dense algebras; algebra sheaves; topological links; wormholes; Borromean rings; intrinsic time; quantum gravity; canonical; quantization; symmetry; teleparallel gravity; gravitational centre of mass moment; dark energy; teleparallel equivalent of general relativity; General relativity; Cosmology; The inflationary era; general relativity and gravitation; experimental studies of gravity; Mercury; BepiColombo mission; gravitational waves; General Relativity; LIGO; Einstein; strong-field gravity; binary black holes; General Relativity; gravitation; cosmology; Concordance Model; dark energy; dark matter; inflation; large-scale structure; McVittie metric; gravitational lensing; cosmology; general theory of relativity; exact solutions; spherical symmetry; physical interpretation; mathematical cosmology; spatial curvatur; thermodynamics; experimental tests of gravitational theories; Lorentz and Poincaré invariance; modified theories of gravity; celestial mechanics; atom interferometry; binary pulsars; space-time metric; convexity; smoothness; Hilbert spaces; Banach spaces; dualities; Brane cosmological models; singularities; asymptotic analysis; general relativity; relativistic geodesy; relativistic gradiometry; relativistic gravimetry; relativistic time and frequency transfer; chronometric geodesy; parameterized post-Newtonian theory