Biodiversity in Locally Managed Lands

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July 2017
166 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Biodiversity in Locally Managed Lands that was published in

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Arunachal Pradesh; community-managed lands; gaur; India; management; parks; patrolling; sambar; tigers; ecological restoration; citizen science; monitoring; conservation volunteering; New Zealand; wicked problems; protected landscape; IUCN category V; biodiversity conservation; ecological restoration; biodiversity conservation; adaptive governance; projectification; New Public Management; Public Value Management; land management; ecosystem structure; composition; function; tracking change; monitoring; reporting; anthropogenic; transformation; plant communities; vegetation; Aichi Biodiversity Targets; environmental safeguards; forest intactness; logged-over forests; REDD+; satellite remote sensing; tropical production forests; biodiversity conservation; agroforestry; traditional land-use; land-sparing; land-sharing; wildlife; community forest management; decentralised forest management; forest biodiversity conservation; indigenous forest management; conservation development tradeoffs; smallholder agriculture; agricultural market frontiers; community-based forestry; landscape approach; community forest management; biodiversity conservation; indigenous forest management; community conservation; Indonesian forests; extractive reserves; communal forests; human-occupied protected areas; Amazonia; indigenous reserves; tropical forest; sustainable-use reserves; hunting; deforestation; biodiversity; forest landscapes; local management; public goods; livelihoods

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