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Transitioning to Sustainable Life on Land

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November 2021
478 pages
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This book is part of the book series Transitioning to Sustainability

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Sustainable Life on Land, the 15th UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 15), calls for the protection, restoration and promotion of the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems. Among other aspects, it requires societies to sustainably manage forests, halt and reverse land degradation, combat desertification, and halt biodiversity loss. Despite the fact that the protection of terrestrial ecosystems is on the rise worldwide and forest loss has slowed, the recent IPBES report concluded that “nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history”. Consequently, the United Nations General Assembly recently declared 2021–2030 the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. There is no doubt that the current global responses are far from sufficient and significant transformative changes to societies are needed to restore and protect nature and ecosystems.


Transitioning to Sustainable Life on Land presents reviews, original research, and practical experiences from different disciplines with a focus on:

1) Theoretical and empirical reflections about the necessary transformation of values, institutions, markets, firms, and policies;

2) Reviews and research on the protection, restoration, and sustainable use of diverse terrestrial ecosystems;

3) Analyses and reports encouraging local, regional, national, and global initiatives.


Transitioning to Sustainable Life on Land is part of MDPI’s Open Access book series, Transitioning to Sustainability, which aims to add to the conversation about regional and global sustainable development according to the 17 SDGs.

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SDG 15; biodiversity; economics and governance; valuation and ethics; justice and sufficiency; zero net loss; cultivated landscapes; ecosystem restoration; conservation agriculture; agroforestry; peatland; land consolidation; land tenure; land ownership
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