Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Social, Sustainable, and Economic Development

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January 2021
304 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship in Social, Sustainable, and Economic Development that was published in

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Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship have become a vehicle that offers solutions for social, environmental, and economic problems. Even though the level of entrepreneurial activity and its diversity have been motivated through public policies, social support has also played an important role in encouraging people to think of entrepreneurship as a desirable career choice. This book brings together analyses of those elements required for entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial intention and action, which ultimately become important leverages of development. Chapters highlight the importance of rural, urban, university, organizational, and family environments for a bunch of intentions and behaviors such as green, sport, social, corporate, innovative, traditional, and gender entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial diversity is translated into higher development through the empowerment of women, environmental consciousness, and efficient production. Policymakers, scholars, and practitioners can find different examples and cases useful for decision-making, learning, and practice in this book.
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entrepreneurial intention; attitude; social norm; subjective personal variables; motivation; beliefs; values; entrepreneurial team; cognition characteristics; behavior characteristics; venture performance; sustainable entrepreneurship; tourism students; gender comparison; Innovation; DEA Methodology; Relative efficiency; green entrepreneurship; sustainable entrepreneurial activity; culture; institutional approach; developing countries; Saudi Arabia; soccer; football; innovation; entrepreneurship; bibliometric analysis; performance; entrepreneurial intentions; self-employment; entrepreneurship education; entrepreneurial family background; entrepreneurial personality traits; students; hierarchical multiple regression analysis; ecotourism; women entrepreneurship; self-determination theory; psychological empowerment; flourishing; growth mindset; social entrepreneurial intention; social entrepreneurship; COVID-19; theory of planned behavior; time in self-employment; gender; regional development; rural and urban areas; age; UK; administrative process; community-based tourism enterprises; financial process; tourism enterprises; SMEs; entrepreneurial orientation; IMC capability; organizational performance; competitive advantage; gender; inter-country analysis; entrepreneurial competencies; sustainability; higher education; entrepreneurial university; organisational change; entrepreneurial mindset; college students; gender; engineering; educational experience; measurement invariance; latent mean comparisons; institutions; entrepreneurship; intrapreneurship; national growth; firm growth; economic development; social change; gender equality; sustainability

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