(Re)defining Entrepreneurship in a Post-pandemic Context

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April 2023
210 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue (Re)defining Entrepreneurship in a Post-pandemic Context that was published in

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The theme of entrepreneurship in the post-pandemic context is essential for the economic and social revitalization of economies. Despite this importance, this theme has hardly been explored, and therefore one of the central aspects of this reprint is to bring the debate on the competitiveness of micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises in various sectors to academic discussion. Through 11 chapters, involving the collaboration of more than 30 authors, this reprint pragmatically discusses a wide range of strategies and critical success factors for fostering entrepreneurship. This reprint also presents a set of practical solutions for various sectors, from tourism to agriculture, covering several countries, from Latin America to Asia to Europe. The various chapters present very diverse methodological approaches.

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barriers to innovation; innovative performance; product innovation; process innovation; innovation; entrepreneur; self-confidence; Venezuelan migration; taking risks; seizing opportunities; Colombia; post-pandemic; COVID-19; Can Tho city; resilience; mitigation; Vietnam; drive tourism; routes; sustainable; systematic literature review; PRISMA; entrepreneurial self-efficacy; social entrepreneurial self-efficacy; innovativeness; organizational capabilities; philanthropic CSR; tourism lifestyle entrepreneurs; surf; life satisfaction; networking; financial objectives; Azores; COVID-19; canyoning; entrepreneurship; resilience; tourism; hospitality sector; soft skills; hard skills; human resources; workers’ perceptions; COVID-19 pandemic; comparative study; empowerment; human capital; economic capital; financial capital; level of ability of business actors in the agricultural sector; tourism entrepreneurship; digital nomads; self-efficacy; innovation; resilience; SMEs; Latin American entrepreneurship; COVID-19 economic crisis; n/a