Fungal Diversity in the Mediterranean Area

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September 2020
142 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Fungal Diversity in the Mediterranean Area that was published in

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Fungi are important components of ecosystems. Their level of diversity is very high and only lower than that of insects. This book deals with fungal diversity in the Mediterranean, a large area recognized as a biodiversity hot spot. Micro and macrofungi contribute to characterizing many environments, both terrestrial and marine, in which they are associated with particular forest stands and also contribute to providing plant and soil nutrients. They also show potential applications in the medical and pharmaceutical fields, have a recognized nutritional and commercial value and still provide many insights to scholars in terms of description of new species and actions aimed at in situ and ex situ conservation.
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Asphondylia; Botryosphaeria; B. dothidea; DNA sequencing; gall-associated fungi; Lamiaceae; phylogenetic relationships; symbiosis; microsatellite; SSR; white truffle; genetic diversity; wood decay fungi (WDF); culture collection; fungal strain; host; Italy; morphological and molecular identification; marine fungi; new taxa; phylogeny; lignicolous fungi; needle pathogens; high altitude forests; DNA metabarcoding; Montenegro; Grifola frondosa; fungal diversity; Mediterranean forest; medicinal mushroom; bioprospecting; ITS rDNA; phylogenetics; basidiomycete; polypore fungus; Quercus pubescens; macrofungi; Basidiomycota; mushroom diversity; ectomycorrhiza; saprotroph; alder; Aegean Sea; Mediterranean; Alnicola; arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi; arid areas; biological properties; conserved areas; grazing; mycorrhiza; fungal diversity; mycorrhiza; Mediterranean forest; medicinal mushroom; bioprospecting; marine fungi; phylogenetics; galls; basidiomycetes; ascomycetes; culture collection