Higher Education Institutions and Sustainable Development

Implementing a Whole-Institution Approach

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September 2020
296 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Higher Education Institutions and Sustainable Development – Implementing a Whole-Institution Approach that was published in

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Sustainability is an urgent developmental task for our society and is attracting increasing attention. Therefore, higher education institutions (HEIs) are also called upon to deal theoretically, conceptually, methodically, critically, and reflectively with the associated challenges and the processes and conditions of transformation in order to contribute to sustainable development. How can complex organisations such as HEIs succeed in initiating and maintaining the process of sustainable development within their own institutions and make it a permanent responsibility? How can as many protagonists as possible be persuaded to get involved in sustainable development? This book deals with the promotion of sustainable university development and provides an overview of how universities can be organised sustainably and how sustainable development can be implemented in their various functional areas. In the sense of a “whole-institution approach”, which encompasses entire HEIs, the focus is not only on the core areas of teaching (higher education for sustainable development) and research (sustainability in research) but, also, on the operational management of HEIs. In addition, this book focuses on sustainability governance and transfer for sustainable development at HEIs as cross-disciplinary issues.
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higher education institutions; implementation; organisational factors; sustainable development; interpretative structural modelling (ISM); higher education institutions (HEIs); cross-sector collaboration; multi-professional collaboration; transdisciplinary research; narrative analysis; sensemaking; whole institution approach; organizational networks; constant comparative analysis; athletic departments; higher education; sustainability; loose coupling; shared governance; United States; higher education institutions; intellectual capital; performance; quality of life; sustainable development; higher education institutions; sustainability assessment; environmental management performance; German-speaking countries; survey; whole-institution approach; sustainable development; higher education institutions; competencies; knowledge; values; case study; discourse analysis; environment; Global South; Sustainable Development Goals; universities’ transformation; sustainability assessment tool; sustainability governance; higher education institutions; systems theory; governance equalizer; politics; profession; organization; knowledge; public; sustainability governance; higher education; organizational culture; governance equalizer; Germany; sustainability in science; transformative science; grammar of responsibility; ethics of knowledge; universities as echo chambers of society; catalytic science; whole-institution approach; universities; organizational change; higher education for sustainable development (HESD); sustainability transitions; SD; alliances; sustainable development; higher education institutions; university; transfer; practitioner–university partnership; societal impact; education for sustainable development; higher education development; sustainable university development; systemic development; inter-organizational networks; sustainable development; worldviews; societal transformation; systemic transformation

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