Mathematical Analysis and Applications II

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March 2020
226 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Mathematical Analysis and Applications II that was published in

Computer Science & Mathematics
Physical Sciences
This issue is a continuation of the previous successful Special Issue “Mathematical Analysis and Applications” <>. Investigations involving the theory and applications of mathematical analytical tools and techniques are remarkably widespread in many diverse areas of the mathematical, physical, chemical, engineering and statistical sciences. In this Special Issue, we invite and welcome review, expository and original research articles dealing with the recent advances in mathematical analysis and its multidisciplinary applications.
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common fixed point; metric-like space; α-Geraghty contraction; triangular α-admissible mapping; fixed circle; common fixed circle; fixed-circle theorem; extended partial Sb-metric spaces; Sb-metric spaces; fixed point; generalized hypergeometric functions; Gauss and confluent hypergeometric functions; summation theorems of hypergeometric functions; partial symmetric; fixed point; contraction and weak contraction; Nadler’s theorem; linear elastostatics; simple layer potentials; displacement problem; existence and uniqueness theorems; Fredholm alternative; singular data; differential equations; Sheffer polynomial sets; generating functions; monomiality principle; quasi metric space; Suzuki contractions; fixed point theorems; modified ω-distance; almost perfect functions; generating function; series transformation; gamma function; Hankel contour; Fermi–Dirac function; Bose–Einstein function; Weyl transform; series representation; Hermite–Hadamard inequalities; (p, q)-derivative; (p, q)-integral; convex functions; fixed point; Reich contraction; Hardy–Rogers contraction; almost b-metric space; additive (Cauchy) equation; additive mapping; Hyers–Ulam stability; generalized Hyers–Ulam stability; hyperstability; bounded index; bounded L-index in direction; slice function; entire function; bounded l-index; generalized hypergeometric functions; classical summation theorems; generalization; laplace transforms; gamma and beta functions; Szász-Mirakjan operators; Szász-Mirakjan Beta type operators; extended Gamma and Beta functions; confluent hypergeometric function; Modulus of smoothness; modulus of continuity; Lipschitz class; local approximation; Voronovskaja type approximation theorem; operators theory 44A99, 47B99, 47A62; special functions 33C52, 33C65, 33C99, 33B10, 33B15; Stirling numbers and Touchard polynomials 11B73; n/a