Widening International Entrepreneurship Research

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February 2020
128 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Widening International Entrepreneurship Research that was published in

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Widening International Entrepreneurship Research addresses several unresolved questions and thus moves forward by acknowledging that future international entrepreneurship research needs to find new ways to further enrich its knowledge. The book presents the results of six studies that explain how human resource management contributes to the strategy of early internationalization, compares different experiences in several countries, assesses innovation in international entrepreneurship education teaching, analyses the effects of entrepreneurial education on entrepreneurial skills, and provides new knowledge about the effect of digitalization on firm performance in international markets. This collection of papers reviews the main factors that have been identified as having a high explanatory power at different levels.
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skills; higher education; entrepreneurship; leadership; teams; Australian Indigenous entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship education; and entrepreneurship education ecosystems; market orientation; marketing capability; digitalization; internationalization; SME; international entrepreneurship education; Global Board Game project; entrepreneurial intention; active learning; Community of Practice; international student teams; international entrepreneurship; emerging markets; cross-country; entrepreneurial orientation; global mindset; institutional theory; mindset theory; entrepreneurial cognition; international new venture; born global; employee entrepreneurial behavior; entrepreneurial orientation; intrapreneurship; human resource management; human resource practices