Wine and Vine Components and Health

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July 2019
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While there is a tremendous literature on the topic of wine and health ranging back to the days of Hippocrates, it is considered that there is an unlimited variety of wine, allowing for the association of senses, nutrition, and hedonism. The history of vine and wine has lasted for at least 7000 years. Vitis represent adaptable plants, and thanks to the large variety of strains, wine is an alchemical mix with unique properties, a rich and original composition in terms of polyphenols, and well known antioxidants. This explains why wine and health are closely linked to nutrition.
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grape pomace; polyphenols; hypertension; metabolites characterization; N2a murine neuronal cells; neuronal differentiation; neurotrophic effects; polyphenols; apigenin; resveratrol; wine; vine; diet; health; dementia; cardiovascular disease; hydroxytyrosol; tyrosol; resveratrol; EVOO; olive oil; RW; red wine; Mediterranean diet; wine; Mediterranean diet; Okinawa diet; health; nrf2; alcohol; polyphenols; hormesis; cardiovascular protection; cancer; Alzheimer; metabolic disease; red wine; polyphenols; cancers; colorectal; resveratrol derivatives; synthesis strategies; substituents phenyl rings; biological targets; efficacy towards diseases; allergy; antioxidant; wine flavonoids; polyphenols; antioxidant capacity; electrochemical technology; wine; n/a

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