Groundwater Contamination and Remediation

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December 2018
184 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Groundwater Contamination and Remediation that was published in

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This Special Issue of Water brings together 10 studies on groundwater contamination and remediation. Common themes include practical techniques for plume identification and delineation, the central role of subsurface processes, the pervasiveness of non-Fickian transport, and the importance of bacterial communities in the broader context of biogeochemistry.
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oil shale; in-situ exploitation; aquifer systems; immersion test; time nonlocal transport model; Non-Fickian diffusion; breakthrough curve; groundwater; bacterial community diversity; petroleum contamination; electron acceptor; electron donor; groundwater flow path; spatial distribution; PCA; CA; water quality; groundwater nitrate; groundwater age; groundwater transit time; groundwater recharge rates; non-point source pollution; groundwater monitoring; isotopes; 3H/3He; surface irrigation; center pivot irrigation; cyanide; ferrocyanide; bacteria; toxicity; groundwater; contamination; Hanford; nuclear waste; tritiated leucine; aquifer; arsenate; polymer inclusion membranes; Aliquat 336; groundwater; thermally enhanced bioremediation; renewable energy storage; sustainability; heat and mass transfer in unsaturated soil; TCE; RDX; sulfate; PFM; mass flux; remediation; hexavalent chromium; decision support tool; remediation technologies; n/a