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An Argumentation Practice Based on STEAM for the Chemistry Education of Gifted

In Transitioning to Quality Education, , Ed.


In this study, it was aimed to enhance gifted students’ argumentation skills by making them complete the missing parts of chemistry animation scenarios based on STEAM and then reconstruct them as an argument as an enrichment. The study was conducted with 12 gifted students at a school for the gifted in Ankara province in Turkey. A case study was used as one of the qualitative designs during the study. Seven different worksheets requiring the students to draw the missing part of each chemistry animation scenario and then criticize them as arguments were used as data collection tools. Content analysis was utilized for the gathered data. At the end of the study, it was found that the gifted students were able to complete the missing parts of the chemistry animation scenarios in order to construct proper concept images and then reconstruct them as arguments. It could be said that the gifted students’ argumentation skills were enhanced based on their increasing success of arguing the missing parts of the chemistry animation scenarios with the help of justifying their conclusions with premises.
Transitioning to Quality Education
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Transitioning to Quality Education

Eila Jeronen ORCID link
, Ed.
Published: August 2021
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