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Possibilities of Popularizing a Philosophy Course in High Schools: The Case of Croatia

In the text, the authors provide a research plan related to changes in a high school philosophy course. The mentioned description, analysis, review and suggestions are put together in the following way. 1st Part: we supply a theoretical context for a different understanding of the high-school philosophy course in gymnasiumbased educational systems. This understanding is based on the inclusion of a series of topics in popular philosophy as a philosophy of popular phenomena and the inclusion of modern teaching methods and tools, such as philosophy in comic book format or philosophy by the film. 2nd Part: we suggest some principles of remodeling for the high school philosophy course, based on previous descriptions of different understandings of philosophy as popular, but also with the inclusion of inter-course topics that overlap with 2 or more courses that are different to philosophy. 3rd Part: we present the results of the primary research related to high school philosophy course textbooks in Croatia in the period 1965–2019.

Table of Contents: Transitioning to Quality Education