Special Issues - Soils

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Iron and Manganese Biogeochemical Cycling in Soils
(Editors: Jasquelin Pena, Aaron Thompson , Andreas Kappler, Scott Fendorf)
30 Sep 2018
Rhizosphere Processes
(Editors: Angelia L. Seyfferth, E. Marie Muehe, Suzie M. Reichman)
1 Oct 2017 6
Soil Organic Matter Dynamics
(Editors: Marco Keiluweit, Yu (Frank) Yang, Steven J. Hall, Peter Nico)
1 Mar 2018 2
Soil Processes Controlling Contaminant Dynamics
(Editors: Samantha Ying, Thomas Borch, Ruben Kretzschmar, Donald Sparks)
1 Mar 2018 1
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