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Prof. Scott Fendorf
Earth System Science Department, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-4015, USA
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Interests: soil biogeochemistry; contaminant transport; carbon cycling; nutrient dynamics; redox processes
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Prof. Dr. Ruben Kretzschmar
Associate Editor
Department of Environmental Systems Science, ETH Zurich, Universitätstrasse 16, 8092 Zürich, Switzerland
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Interests: soil; geochemistry; trace elements; speciation; sorption; redox; colloids; nanoparticles
Prof. Dr. Donald Sparks
Associate Editor
Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE) Laboratory, Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware, 221 Academy Street, Suite 250, Newark, DE 19716, USA
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Interests: kinetics; surface chemistry; sorption; redox; metal geochemistry; synchrotron techniques
Prof. Dr. Balwant Singh
Associate Editor
Sydney Institute of Agriculture, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia
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Interests: Soil chemistry, clay minerals, carbon cycling, biochar, trace elements, sorption-desorption, mineral-organic interactions, Fe oxides

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Juan Albaladejo
Centro de Edafologia y Biologia Aplicada del Segura, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CEBAS-CSIC), Campus de Espinardo, 30100 Murcia, Spain
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Interests: soil degradation and conservation, carbon sequestration, desertification, land rehabilitation, semiarid soils
Prof. Dr. Ronald Amundson
Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA
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Interests: arid soils, isotopes, geochemistry, geomorphology
Dr. Thomas Baumgartl
Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation, The University of Queensland, Brisbane QLD 4072, Australia
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Interests: soil hydrology, soil mechanics, swelling-shrinking soils, soil evaporation, rehabilitation of mined sites, water in the soil-plant-atmosphere-continuum, soil compaction
Prof. Dr. Patrick Brown
Department of Plant Sciences University of California Davis, CA 95616, USA
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Interests: plant nutrition; boron; Orchard systems; micronutrients; nickel; phyto-remediation; fertilizers; salinity
Prof. Dr. Nick B. Comerford
North Florida Research and Education Center, University of Florida, Quincy, FL32351, USA
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Interests: soil nutrient bioavailability; soil C sequestration; forest soils; soil phosphorus chemistry
Prof. Dr. Leo Condron
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Lincoln University, Lincoln 7647, Canterbury, New Zealand
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Interests: biogeochemistry of organic carbon and major nutrients in natural and managed ecosystems, with an emphasis on the nature, dynamics and bioavailability of organic and mineral forms of nutrients in the soil-plant system in relation to soil management and land use. Project areas include organic matter and nutrient dynamics in grassland and forest soils, soil chronosequence dynamics, rhizosphere processes and nutrient acquisition, relationships between soil microbial diversity and function, and the nature, and the bioavailability and mobility of phosphorus in terrestrial environments
Prof. Dr. Thomas H. DeLuca
Director of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington, Box 352100, Seattle, WA 98195-2100, USA
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Interests: carbon and nitrogen dynamics of natural and disturbed ecosystems; the influence of restoration activities on ecosystem function; fire as a driver of ecosystem processes in forest ecosystems; nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems; soil resource sustainability as influenced by land management
Dr. Andreas Fliessbach
Department of Soil Sciences, Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau (FiBL), Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, Institut de recherche del'agriculture biologique, Ackerstrasse 113, Postfach 219, CH-5070 Frick, Switzerland
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Interests: soil biology; soil biodiversity; soil functions; soil quality; soil fertility; soil indicators; agricultural systems soil tillage, organic resource management, urban farming, Africa, cropping systems, long-term experiments; participatory research; transdisciplinary research; on-farm research
Prof. Dr. Michael A. Fullen
Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton WV1 1LY, UK
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Interests: soil erosion, soil conservation, desertification, desert reclamation, soil management systems
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Special Issue: Soil Science in Conservation Agricultural Systems
Dr. Antonio Gelsomino
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, Feo di Vito, 89122 Reggio Calabria, Italy
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Interests: soil fertility; nutrient cycling; soil microbiology; microbial ecology; use of composted by-products in agriculture
Dr. Holger Heuer
Department of Epidemiology and Pathogen Diagnostics, Julius Kühn-Institut—Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants (JKI), Germany
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Interests: phytonematodes; microbial ecology of agroecosystems; nematode-microbe interaction; rhizosphere soil; soil suppressiveness to phytopathogens; epidemiology of soil-born diseases of cultivated plants
Prof. Dr. Ivan Janssens
Biology Department, University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1, D.B.014, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
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Interests: soil carbon, root processes, ecosystem productivity, global change, plant phenology
Prof. Dr. Yakov Kuzyakov
Department of Soil Science of Temperate Ecosystems, Department of Agricultural Soil Science, University of Göttingen, 37077 Göttingen, Germany
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Interests: soil biogeochemistry; rhizosphere ecology; rhizodeposition; pedogenic carbonates; land use
Prof. Dr. Miguel L. Cabrera
Crop & Soil Sciences Department, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602-7272, USA
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Interests: N mineralization, ammonia volatilization, runoff water quality
Prof. Dr. Johannes Lehmann
Soil and Crop Sciences, Cornell University, 909 Bradfield Hall, USA
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Interests: biogeochemistry; soil organic matter; nutrient cycles; nutrients; soil science; soil science, climate change, sustainable development, tropical agroecosystem; soils; sustainable land use
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Lloyd
Department of Life Sciences, Imperial College London, Silwood Park Campus, Ascot, SL5 7PY, UK
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Interests: tropical soils, soil-vegetation interactions, soils, climate change, the global carbon cycle
Prof. Dr. Abdul M. Mouazen
Cranfield Soil and ArgiFood Institute, School of energy, Environment and AgriFood, School of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University, Building 53, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0AL, UK
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Interests: soil mechanics, tillage, compaction, proximal soil sensing, near infrared spectroscopy, and precision agriculture
Prof. Dr. Thomas Raab
Geopedology and Landscape Development, Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), 03046, Cottbus, Germany
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Interests: soil development, soil classification, soil distribution, soil geomorphology, soil contamination, mining, geoarchaeology
Prof. Dr. Andreas Schaeffer
Institute for Environmental Research, RWTH Aachen University, Worringerweg 1, 52074 Aachen, Germany
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Interests: fate of xenobiotics in soil and water-sediment systems; interaction of xenobiotics with soil humic matter; non-extractable residues of xenobiotics in soil; resilience of soils; remediation of soils
Prof. Dr. Michael Schloter
Helmholtz Zentrum München, Ingolstädter Landstr. 185758 Oberschleissheim, Germany
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Interests: Soil Microbiomes; Soil Metagenomes; Plant - microbe interactions; rhizosphere microbiology; N turnover; P turnover; Plant growth promotion; Human pathogens in Soil; Microbial networks; subsoil
Prof. Dr. Bal Ram Singh
Department of Environmental Sciences, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, P.O. Box 5003, Ås, Norway
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Interests: soil fertility and plant nutrition, soil carbon sequestration and land use, heavy metals in soils and plants, biofortification of food and feed crops
Prof. Dr. Garrison Sposito
Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-3114, USA
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Interests: soil chemistry; aqueous geochemistry; hydrology of "green water"; physics of flow through porous media
Dr. Carlo Viti
Department of Agri-Food Production and Environmental Sciences, University of Firenze, Italy
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Interests: soil microbiology, soil microbial ecology, soil contamination, bioremediation, molecular ecology, bacterial typing, phenotype microarray characterization of microorganisms
Special Issues and Collections in MDPI journals:
Special Issue: Genomics of Bacterial Metal Resistance
Prof. Dr. Diana H. Wall
School of Global Environmental Sustainability and Department of Biology, Colorado State University, CO, USA
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Interests: global soil biodiversity; ecosystem functioning; nematode ecology
Dr. Wolfgang Wanek
Division of Terrestrial Ecosystem Research, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science, Research Initiative "Chemistry Meets Microbiology", University of Vienna, Althanstraße 14, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
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Interests: terrestrial ecosystem ecology; soil biology; plant-soil interactions; ecological stoichiometry (C:N:P), nitrogen cycling; stable isotope fractionation; global change effects on ecosystem processes
Prof. Dr. Robert White
Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, The University of Melbourne, Parkville 3010, Australia
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Interests: soil fertility; plant mineral nutrition; soil carbon; soil water relations; viticulture
Prof. Dr. Baoshan Xing
Stockbridge School of Agriculture, College of Natural Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003, USA
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Interests: environmental & soil chemistry; sorption of organic contaminants; engineered nanoparticles; biochar characterization and use
Prof. Dr. Fusuo Zhang
College of Resources and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100094, China
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Interests: soil nutrient; plant-soil interactions; rhizosphere; nutrient management; food security and environmental sustainability
Prof. Dr. Jizhong Zhou
Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, University of Oklahoma, 101 David L. Boren Blvd., Norman, OK 73019, USA
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