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Abiotic Environmental Stress Responses of Plants
(Editors: Masayuki Fujita, Mirza Hasanuzzaman)
31 Mar 2017 7
Advances in Plant Nitrogen Metabolism
(Editors: Perrin H. Beatty, Mei Han)
30 Jan 2018
Advances in Plant Sulfur Research
(Editors: Dimitris L. Bouranis , Mario Malagoli)
15 Dec 2018
Auxin Signaling, Transport, and Metabolism
(Editor: Yunde Zhao)
30 Sep 2013 5
Calcium Signaling in Plants
(Editors: Gerald A. Berkowitz, Sylvia Lindberg, Yi Ma, Zhi Qi)
31 Jul 2013 9
Crop Enhancement for Global Food Security
(Editors: Simon E. Bull, Andrew J. Simkin)
30 Jan 2018 2
Developmental Biology and Biotechnology of Plant Sexual Reproduction
(Editor: Charles Neal Stewart Jr.)
30 Apr 2013 7
Fruit Biology
(Editor: Paul K. Boss)
30 Aug 2018
Function and Evolution of Ser/Arg-rich Proteins in Plants
(Editor: Johan Edqvist)
30 Sep 2018
Hypersensitive Cell Death in Response to Pathogens
(Editor: Susana Rivas)
30 Sep 2018
Lamiaceae Species: Biology, Ecology and Practical Uses
(Editor: Milan S. Stankovic)
30 Sep 2018 3
Leaf Development
(Editor: Naomi Ori)
31 Jan 2013 6
Medicinal Plants and Natural Product Research
(Editor: Milan S. Stankovic)
30 Aug 2017 16
New Journal Plants - Feature Papers
(Editor: Dilantha Fernando)
31 Jul 2012 5
Photosynthesis under Stress: Selective Pressures, Adaptation and Mitigation of Environmental Change
(Editors: Cecilia Brunetti, Matthew Haworth)
30 May 2018 1
Phytic Acid Pathway and Breeding in Plants
(Editors: Francesca Sparvoli, Roberto Pilu, Eleonora Cominelli)
28 Feb 2015 7
Plant Adaptation to Climate Change
(Editor: James A. Bunce)
30 Nov 2017 5
Plant Cell Wall Dynamics in Plant Growth and Stress Response
(Editors: David McCurdy, David Collings)
30 Apr 2018 1
Plant Cell Walls: Chemical and Metabolic Analysis
(Editor: Philip J. Harris)
30 Sep 2014 11
Plant Development and Organogenesis: From Basic Principles to Applied Research
(Editor: Giovanna Frugis)
15 Oct 2018
Plant Flavonoids
(Editor: Ulrike Mathesius)
30 Oct 2017 9
Plant Light Signalling
(Editor: Beronda Montgomery)
15 Nov 2013 6
Plant Nitrogen Metabolism
(Editor: Maurizio Chiurazzi)
31 Jan 2016 7
Plant Phloem Development
(Editor: Elisabeth Truernit)
31 Oct 2018
Plant Photosynthetic Gas Exchange: a Current Perspective
(Editors: William K. Smith, Keith Reinhardt)
31 Jul 2018
Plant Root Development
(Editor: Rujin Chen)
15 Apr 2015 10
Plant Senescence
(Editor: Salma Balazadeh)
31 May 2015 14
Plant Vacuole
(Editor: Diane Bassham)
30 Jun 2014 6
Plasmodesmata and Intercellular Movement
(Editor: Jae-Yean Kim)
30 Oct 2017 5
Pollen Tube Growth
(Editor: Giampiero Cai)
20 Dec 2012 9
Practical Use of Si to Influence Plant Production
(Editor: Maria Greger)
30 Mar 2018 3
Role of Silicon in Plants
(Editor: Maria Greger)
30 Dec 2017 2
Selected Papers from the 1st International Plant Spectroscopy Conference
(Editors: András Gorzsás, Marie-Francoise Devaux, Notburga Gierlinger, Fabienne Guillon)
31 Dec 2017 3
Selected/Extended Full Papers of 14th International Rapeseed Congress
(Editors: Dilantha Fernando, Gary Peng, Robert W. Duncan, Janitha Wanasundara, Lisa Campbell, Rishi R. Burlakoti)
25 Mar 2016 6
Soil Fertility and Nutrient Cycling
(Editor: Jim Moir)
30 Dec 2017 4
The Jasmonate Pathway
(Editor: Debora Gasperini)
31 Oct 2015 12
The Plant Cuticle
(Editor: David Bird)
30 Apr 2017 6
Wetland Plants: Biodiversity and Ecological Gradients
(Editor: Florian Wittmann)
30 May 2018
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