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Affiliated Societies

Australasian Section - American Oil Chemists Society (AAOCS)

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The Australasian section of the AOCS is a group that serves the needs of the fats and oils industry and lipid research in Australasia. This section has been around a since 1997 and is formed of industry leaders and lipid researchers from many fields.

The AAOCS is primary designed to bring together research and industry through bi annual section meetings and workshops. Quarterly AAOCS newsletters provide an update on local fats and oils news. Also AAOCS provides a hub for local technical problems to be solved and expertise to be shared. The Australasian section has a strong input into lipid research for the food industry particularly, with numerous academic food and nutritional experts as members.

The AAOCS supports industry and research through biannual meetings and workshops. We have run a series of workshops and forums bringing to our shores leading experts from overseas as well as local experts from our membership to cover pertinent issues in the fats and oils world. These workshops have included oil oxidation, productions of shortenings and margarines, frying fats, new analytical standards in olive oils and many more.

Italian Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (SIGENP)

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The Italian Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition (SIGENP) is composed of medical specialists in Pediatric Nutrition, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, with about 550 members.

The main purposes of SIGENP are the following:

  • to spread pediatric gastroenterological culture through the scientific training of young researchers and the updating of pediatricians;
  • to promote studies and research on the digestive tract, liver, pancreas, and nutrition in pediatric age, with a strong impetus for inter-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary relationships;
  • to promote the development and standardization of innovative methodologies, research and clinical application; to spread the knowledge of the social importance of chronic diseases of the digestive system in pediatric age;
  • to develop scientific relations with other Italian and International Societies, including those dealing with basic disciplines, with an interest in gastroenterology, hepatology and pediatric nutrition;
  • to promote forms of scientific cooperation with the industry for the realization of institutional goals.


SIGENP cooperates with the most important Pediatricians, members of the Italian Society of Pediatric (SIP).
SIGENP is an integral part of the Italian Federation of Scientific Societies and Professional Associations of the Pediatric Area (FIARPED).

The activities of the Society are supported by 2 Commissions (Search and Training) and 6 Area Divisions.

Nutrition Society of New Zealand (NSNZ)

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The Nutrition Society of New Zealand (NSNZ) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the support and advancement of nutrition as a scientific field.

The Nutrition Society provides a platform for collaboration and cohesion among those working and studying in the animal, plant and human nutrition. Our members include people working within hospitals, schools, universities, industry and government. Many of our members are registered Nutritionists but also include dietitians and health educators, clinicians and health professionals, food technologists and food scientists, vets and animal scientists, academics, teachers and students.

We have established a trusted structure for the registration of Nutritionists to ensure credibility of the profession within New Zealand. Through our annual scientific meetings we provide an occasion for members to share research and results, to network and for professional training.

The aims of the Society are:                                    

  • To promote sound, ethical, safe and effective research in nutritional sciences
  • To develop sound practice in nutrition for public good
  • To effectively communicate the benefits of good nutrition
  • To provide foster discussion and exchange information on nutrition related subjects and provide a forum for discussion.
  • To promote professional development of members

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