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Advances in Cermets
(Guest Editor: Marta Ziemnicka-Sylwester)
31 October 2014
Advances in Solidification Processing
(Guest Editor: Hugo F. Lopez)
31 December 2014 3
Amorphous Alloys
(Guest Editor: Hans-Jörg Fecht)
31 October 2012 6
Liquid Metals
(Guest Editors: Maria Jose Caturla, Enrique Louis, Jose Miguel Molina)
31 December 2014
Magnesium Technology
(Guest Editor: Manoj Gupta)
31 May 2012 11
Manganese-based Permanent Magnets
(Guest Editor: Ian Baker)
30 November 2014 3
Metal and Molecular Clusters
(Guest Editor: M. Samy El-Shall)
30 June 2014 2
Metal Foams
(Guest Editors: Afsaneh Rabiei, Bazle Z. Haque)
31 March 2012 6
Metal Foams 2013
(Guest Editor: Afsaneh Rabiei)
31 May 2014 1
Nanostructured Metal and Metal Oxide Materials
(Guest Editor: M. Samy El-Shall)
30 June 2014 1
Selected Papers from the 7th International Conference on Porous Metals and Metallic Foams (MetFoam 2011)
(Guest Editors: Bo-Young Hur, Seung-Eun Kim, John Banhart, Francisco Garcia Moreno)
31 March 2012 11
Shape Memory Alloys
(Guest Editor: Kurt R. Ziebeck)
31 March 2013 7
Titanium Alloys
(Guest Editor: M.T. Whittaker)
30 September 2014 1
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