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Advances in Lithological and Structural Mapping Using Earth Observation Data
(Editors: Kevin Tansey, Stephen Grebby)
31 August 2016 2
Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS for Geomorphological Mapping
(Editors: Pavel Propastin, Yongwei Sheng)
31 May 2016 5
Climate Change and Geosciences
(Editors: Mary J. Thornbush, Nir Y. Krakauer)
30 June 2016 8
Continental Accretion and Evolution
(Editor: David A. Foster)
30 April 2013 7
Geological Disposal of High Level Radioactive Waste - The Relationship between Engineered and Natural Barriers
(Editors: Rebecca Lunn, Simon Harley, Simon Norris)
31 August 2016
Geological Mapping and Modeling of Earth Architectures
(Editor: Ken McCaffrey)
30 April 2015 7
Geoscience of the Built Environment
(Editor: Carlos Alves)
30 November 2012 10
Geoscience of the Built Environment 2016 Edition
(Editor: Carlos Alves)
30 June 2016 6
Geosciences and Future Earth
(Editor: Jesus Martinez-Frias)
31 July 2016 2
Groundwater Resources: Pollution, Monitoring and Sustainable Development
(Editors: Peiyue Li, John A. Luczaj, Michael Schneider)
31 October 2016
Individual-Based Ecological Modeling
(Editor: Robin Gras)
15 March 2017
Mapping and Assessing Natural Disasters Using Geospatial Technologies
(Editor: Ruiliang Pu)
31 May 2016 3
Medical Geology: Impacts of the Natural Environment on Public Health Print Edition available
(Editors: Jose A. Centeno, Robert B. Finkelman, Olle Selinus)
31 December 2014 11
Microbial Ecology: Interaction, Adaptation and Evolution
(Editor: Maggie Lau)
30 November 2016
Middle Jurassic Dinosaurs in Context
(Editor: Neil Donald Lewis Clark)
31 January 2017
Natural Gas Origin, Migration, Alteration and Seepage
(Editors: Alexei V. Milkov, Giuseppe Etiope)
28 February 2017
Observing Geohazards from Space
(Editor: Francesca Cigna)
28 February 2017
Paleontology and Geo/Biological Evolution
(Editor: George D. Stanley, Jr.)
01 July 2012 14
Petrogenesis of Ophiolites
(Editors: Basilios Tsikouras, Antonio Acosta-Vigil)
31 December 2016
Sedimentary Basins and Orogenic Belts
(Editor: James Schmitt)
30 April 2013 7
Sedimentary Basins and Orogenic Belts 2016 Edition
(Editor: James Schmitt)
30 September 2016 1
Volcanic Plumes: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Insights into Volcanic Processes
(Editors: Pasquale Sellitto, Giuseppe Salerno, Andrew McGonigle)
31 March 2017
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