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Computational Social Sciences: Contagion, Collective Behaviors, and Networks
(Editor: Emilio Ferrara)
30 November 2015
Cyber Warfare
(Editors: Jiankun Hu, Kathryn Merrick, Kamran Shafi)
31 January 2016
Ecosystemic Evolution Feeded by Smart Systems
(Editor: Dino Giuli)
31 January 2016
Future Intelligent Systems and Networks
(Editor: Carmen de Pablos Heredero)
31 December 2015
Future Mobile Computing
(Editors: Genoveffa Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello)
29 February 2016
Human-Computer Interaction and the Social Web
(Editors: Salvatore Carta, Ludovico Boratto)
31 December 2015
Information Systems Security
(Editor: Luis Javier Garcia Villalba)
31 March 2016
Managing QoS and QoE Levels in Wired and Wireless Data Networks
(Editor: Fernando Cerdán)
31 October 2015
Security in Cloud Computing and Big Data
(Editors: Eduardo Fernández-Medina Patón, David G. Rosado)
31 October 2015
Security in Vehicular Communication Networking
(Editors: Laszlo B. Kish, Yessica Saez, Geza Pesti)
31 October 2015
Semantic Computing and Knowledge Building
(Editors: Tamer E. El-Diraby, Jinyue Zhang)
30 November 2015
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