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Artificial Intelligence and Education
(Editor: Georgios N. Kouziokas)
15 Aug 2018 1
Authentic Learning
(Editor: Jurgen Schulte)
15 Nov 2018
Biology Education
(Editor: Ute Harms)
30 Jun 2018 1
Computer Science and Engineering Education for Pre-collegiate Students and Teachers
(Editor: Andrea Burrows)
5 Nov 2018
Connecting Outcomes-Based Assessment with Performance Indicators in Order to Improve Student Learning and Development in Post-Secondary Education Institutions
(Editor: Marilee Bresciani Ludvik)
31 Aug 2018
Critical Multicultural Education: Working at the Intersections of Resistance, Restorative Justice, and Revolutionary Change
(Editors: Christine Clark , Norma Marrun)
15 Jan 2019
Design Thinking in Education
(Editor: John Nash)
15 Mar 2019
Ecocentric Education
(Editor: Helen Kopnina)
31 Dec 2018
Economic Education
(Editor: James D. Laney, Ed.D.)
31 Dec 2018
Education and Religion in a Secular Age
(Editor: K. H. (Ina) ter Avest)
30 Jun 2018
Education for Social Transformation: Initiatives and Challenges in the Contexts of Globalization and the Sustainable Development Goals
(Editor: Richard Maclure)
30 Nov 2018
Education in Translation
(Editors: Hendrik J. Kockaert, Abied Alsulaiman)
1 Jul 2018
Educational Technologies, Teacher Training and Competencial Development Based on Innovative Emerging Pedagogies
(Editor: Juan Manuel Trujillo Torres)
15 Jun 2019
Evidence Informed Practice in Education
(Editors: Tim Cain, Bronwen Maxwell)
31 Mar 2019
Family and Parent Education: Promises, Challenges and Future Directions
(Editor: Maria Filomena Gaspar)
31 Jul 2018 1
Innovations and Contemporary Perspectives in Chemistry Education
(Editor: Yael Shwartz)
28 Feb 2019
Interactive Simulations and Innovative Pedagogy for Conceptual Understanding in Science Education
(Editor: David Geelan)
31 Jan 2019
Middle Grades Education
(Editor: Micki M. Caskey)
31 Jul 2018
Mobile Learning
(Editor: Maria Uther)
31 May 2018
Motivating and Supporting Self-Regulated Learning: Pedagogical and Technological Perspectives
(Editor: Alexander Mikroyannidis)
31 Jul 2018
Motivation from the Perspective of Dual Systems Behavioral Regulation Models
(Editors: Cornelis J. de Brabander, Folke J. Glastra)
1 Sep 2018
Problem-based Learning
(Editor: Roger Hadgraft)
15 Feb 2019
Reform in Education
(Editor: Suzanne Gatt)
31 Jul 2018
Societal Culture and Educational/School Leadership
(Editor: Paul Miller)
31 May 2018 2
Teaching and Learning Languages in Multilingual Contexts
(Editor: Christa van der Walt)
31 Oct 2018
Towards Excellence in Engineering Education
(Editor: Khmaies Ouahada)
1 Aug 2018 2
Understanding Nuances on Gender and Executive Leadership Practices at Minority- Serving Institutions
(Editors: Robert T. Palmer, Leslie Hall, Ashley L. Gray)
31 Jan 2019
Universal Design for Inclusive Pedagogy
(Editor: David Arendale)
31 Aug 2018
Valorization of Physical Education
(Editor: Dana Badau)
15 Sep 2018 3
Visible Learning – What’s next? A Decade after An Educational Milestone
(Editor: Klaus Zierer)
30 Nov 2018
Vocabulary Development
(Editors: Timothy Rasinski, William Rupley)
1 Aug 2018
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