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Advances in Gifted and Talented and Creativity Research
(Editor: Steven I Pfeiffer)
30 June 2016
Civics and Citizenship in Its Global Context
(Editor: Ruth Reynolds)
29 February 2012 8
Consequential Assessment of Student Learning
(Editor: Natasha Jankowski)
15 October 2016
Critical Issues in Educational Technology
(Editor: Jing Lei)
15 December 2014 5
Culturally Responsive Leadership in Education: Engaging Social Justice and Equity for Improvement
(Editor: Lorri J. Santamaría)
01 November 2015
e-Vocabularies and e-Learning
(Editors: Ana-María Fernández-Pampillón, Antonio Pareja-Lora)
15 January 2016 1
Educational Justice
(Editor: Judith Könemann)
30 June 2016
Educational Leadership: A Global Perspective
(Editor: Jess L. Gregory)
31 July 2016
eLearning: Exploring Digital Futures in the 21st Century
(Editor: Glenn Finger)
28 February 2014 8
Epistemology and Education
(Editor: Andrew Stables)
01 December 2015 1
Global Perspectives on Higher Education
(Editor: John Blewitt)
31 January 2015 5
History Curriculum, Geschichtsdidaktik, and the Problem of the Nation
(Editors: Robert J. Parkes, Monika Vinterek)
30 November 2012 8
Horizons of Digital Media Learning: Challenges of Game-based Design and Analytics
(Editor: David C. Gibson)
30 April 2016
Massive Open Online Courses
(Editor: Ebba Ossiannilsson)
30 March 2016
Place-based Partnerships and New School Designs to Address Poverty, Social Exclusion, and Social Isolation
(Editor: Hal A. Lawson)
01 May 2016 1
Policy and Practice in Inclusive Education
(Editor: Philip Garner)
16 January 2016
Sustainability, Environment and Education
(Editor: Michael Brody)
01 October 2016
Teaching Methods in Science Subjects Promoting Sustainability
(Editor: Eila Jeronen)
30 September 2016
Web-Mediated Approaches to Teachers’ Professional Development
(Editors: Amy Seely Flint, Peggy Albers)
30 October 2015 1
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