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Analytical Methods for Quality Control of Cosmetics
(Editors: Amparo Salvador-Carreño, Alberto Chisvert Sanía)
30 April 2015 5
Cosmetic Contact Allergens
(Editors: Emanuela Corsini, David Basketter)
01 December 2015 11
Cosmetic Safety: Ingredients, Type of Reactions, Undesirable Effects, Cosmetovigilance
(Editors: Lidia Sautebin, Immacolata Caputo)
31 May 2016 5
Efficacy Assessment of Cosmetics
(Editor: Marie Lodén)
15 December 2016 1
Epidermal Barrier Structure and Function
(Editor: Joachim W. Fluhr)
31 January 2017
Green Cosmetic Ingredients
(Editor: Carla Villa)
31 October 2014 5
Hair Care Cosmetics
(Editor: Won-Soo Lee)
15 August 2016 3
Nanotechnologies in Cosmetics
(Editors: Lisa A. DeLouise, Pierfrancesco Morganti)
30 September 2015 6
Selected Papers from ISBS/SICC 1st Joint International Congress
(Editor: Enzo Berardesca)
15 March 2014 9
Skin-Lightening Agents—Crucial Need for Innovation to Lead the Way
(Editor: Johanna Maria Gillbro)
01 October 2016 2
Sunscreens: Efficacy and Safety—An Overview and Update
(Editors: Marisanna Centini, Cecilia Anselmi)
31 March 2017
The Antioxidant Potential of the Skin
(Editor: Martina Meinke)
15 December 2015 10
Vehicles Matter! Implications for Topical Cosmeceutical and Pharmaceutical Products
(Editor: Christian Surber)
28 February 2017
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