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Advanced Biomimetic Coatings
(Editor: Yuelian Liu)
31 July 2016 1
Advanced Surface Passivation Processes for Silicon Solar Cells
(Editors: Ruy Sebastian Bonilla, Peter R. Wilshaw)
01 February 2017
Advanced Thermal Spray Coatings for Emerging Applications
(Editor: Lech Pawlowski)
31 October 2013 8
Advances in Coatings Characterization
(Editor: Massimo Innocenti)
20 September 2016
Advances in Dental Biomaterials and Coatings
(Editor: William A. Brantley)
30 November 2013 6
Advances in Medical Device Coatings
(Editor: Denis Dowling)
20 September 2013 7
Advances in Multifunctional Coatings for Next Generation Applications
(Editor: Santanu Chaudhuri)
31 March 2014 5
Anti-Graffiti Coatings
(Editor: Mariateresa Lettieri)
30 November 2016
Anti-icing Coatings and Surfaces
(Editors: D. K. Sarkar, N. Saleema)
31 October 2016 2
Applications of Spray Coating in Fabrication of Thin Film Devices and Coatings
(Editor: Morteza Eslamian)
31 January 2017
Barrier Films and Coatings for Advanced Packaging
(Editor: Jari Vartiainen)
31 July 2016
Chemical Vapor Deposition
(Editor: Mingheng Li)
31 December 2016
Coatings and Sustainability
(Editor: Rafael L. Quirino)
31 July 2015 5
Coatings for Cutting Tools
(Editor: James E. Krzanowski)
31 August 2016
Coatings from Renewable Resources
(Editor: Mark D. Soucek)
28 February 2017
Cold Spraying of Nanocomposites for High Wear Coatings Development
(Editor: Gobinda Saha)
31 March 2017
Electrochemical Interfaces and Electrodeposition—In Honour of M. Luisa Foresti on the Occasion of Her Retirement
(Editors: John Stickney, Massimo Innocenti)
31 May 2015 5
Fabric Coatings
(Editor: Mahbubul Hassan)
30 November 2016
Five Years of Coatings: Coatings Science and Technology for the 21st Century
(Editor: Alessandro Lavacchi)
20 September 2016 6
Food and Beverage Packaging Coatings
(Editor: Stefano Farris)
30 September 2015 8
High Entropy Alloy Coatings
(Editor: T.M. Yue)
21 December 2016 2
High Temperature Coatings
(Editors: Ugo Bardi, Alessandro Lavacchi)
31 May 2015 7
Laser Surface Treatment
(Editor: Frank L. Palmieri)
31 March 2017
Low Environmental Impact Coatings for Road Pavements
(Editors: Andrea Simone, Claudio Lantieri)
28 February 2017
Low-Noise Road Surfaces
(Editor: Elisabete Fraga de Freitas)
29 February 2016 5
Multifunctional Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Thin Films and Coatings
(Editor: Naba K. Dutta)
31 August 2016 5
Novel Thin Film Materials for Biomedical Application
(Editor: Erfan Zal Nezhad)
25 April 2017
Novel Thin Film Materials for Photovoltaic Applications
(Editors: Francesco Di Benedetto, Susan Schorr)
31 August 2015 11
Photocalytic Coatings for Air-Purifying, Self-Cleaning and Antimicrobial Properties Print Edition available
(Editor: Anibal Maury-Ramirez)
31 March 2015 12
Polymer Thin Films
(Editor: Andriy Voronov)
31 March 2017 1
Recent Advances in Friction Stir Processed Coatings
(Editor: Chi Tat Kwok)
28 February 2017
Recent Advances in Optical Coatings
(Editor: Desmond Gibson)
31 October 2016 4
Recent Aspects of Thin Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering and Emerging Applications
(Editor: Joaquim Carneiro)
31 August 2016 5
Self-assembled Monolayers and Multilayers (SAMs/SAMTs) for Medicine and Dentistry
(Editor: James Kit-hon Tsoi)
15 October 2015 5
Self-Cleaning, Biocide and Depolluting Coatings for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage
(Editor: Enrico Quagliarini)
31 October 2016 3
Surface Treatments and Coatings for Structural Steel and Reinforced Concrete
(Editor: Paul Lambert)
31 January 2017 1
Thermal Spray Technology
(Editor: Yasutaka Ando)
31 March 2017
Thin Film Semiconductors for Photovoltaic Applications
(Editor: I. M. Dharmadasa)
16 December 2016
Trends in Coatings and Surface Technology—Feature Papers
(Editor: Alessandro Lavacchi)
31 December 2015 15
Wood Coatings
(Editor: Mojgan Nejad)
31 January 2017 2
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