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Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental and Food Analysis
(Guest Editors: Paolo Ugo, Michael Ongaro)
31 January 2015
Feature Paper
(Guest Editor: Igor Medintz)
31 July 2015
Hydrogel-Based Chemosensors
(Guest Editors: Andreas Richter, Karl-Friedrich Arndt, Gerald Gerlach)
15 September 2013 7
Ionophore-Based Potentiometric Sensors
(Guest Editor: Johan Bobacka)
31 March 2015
(Guest Editor: Sherif A. El-Safty, Associate Editor: Nguyen Duc Hoa)
30 September 2013 3
Nucleic Acid Probes
(Guest Editor: Patrick J. Hrdlicka)
31 August 2014 1
Solid State Gas Sensors
(Guest Editor: Giovanni Neri, Associate Editor: Nicola Donato)
15 January 2014 4
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