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Advanced in Glucose Biosensing
(Editors: Jonathan Claussen, Eric McLamore)
30 Nov 2016
Bioinspired Chemical Sensing
(Editor: Manel Del Valle)
28 Feb 2017
Biosensors Applications in Food Safety
(Editor: Ibtisam E. Tothill)
31 May 2017
Chemical Microsensors
(Editor: Ha Duong Ngo)
28 Feb 2017
Chemical Vapor Sensing
(Editor: Russell Binions)
15 Oct 2015 6
Electrochemical Immunosensors and Aptasensors
(Editors: Paolo Ugo, Ligia Moretto)
31 Aug 2016 10
Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental and Food Analysis
(Editors: Paolo Ugo, Michael Ongaro)
28 Feb 2015 8
Hydrogel-Based Chemosensors
(Editors: Andreas Richter, Karl-Friedrich Arndt, Gerald Gerlach)
15 Sep 2013 7
Improving Enzyme-Based Sensors with Innovative Materials and Techniques
(Editors: H. James Harmon, Brandy J. Johnson)
31 Jan 2017
Molecularly Imprinted Polymers—Robust Artificial Receptor Materials for Chemical Sensing
(Editor: Peter Lieberzeit)
30 Nov 2016 3
Novel 2D-Inorganic Materials for Gas Sensing
(Editor: Giovanni Neri)
31 Mar 2017
Solid State Gas Sensors
(Editors: Giovanni Neri, Nicola Donato)
15 Jan 2014 5

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