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Carbon-Based Catalysts and Membranes for Water Treatment and Gas Separation
(Editors: Luisa M. Pastrana-Martínez, Sergio Morales-Torres)
30 Nov 2018
Carbons from Biomasic Waste and Their Applications
(Editors: Jorge Bedia, Carolina Belver)
31 Aug 2018
CO2-Derived Products
(Editor: Enrico Andreoli)
31 Jul 2018
Combustion Emissions
(Editors: Célia Anjos Alves, Estela Vicente)
30 Nov 2018
Fluorescent C-based materials and nanopowders for magnetic sensing
(Editor: Massimo Cazzanelli)
31 Dec 2018
Graphene-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites
(Editor: Dimitrios G. Papageorgiou)
31 Jan 2019
Photo-Luminescent Defects in Silicon Carbide and Diamond and Their Applications
(Editor: Stefania Castelletto)
30 Jun 2018
Plasma Processing for Carbon-based Materials
(Editor: Mineo Hiramatsu)
31 Oct 2018
Transmission Electron Microscopy and Carbon Materials
(Editor: Peter Harris)
30 Sep 2018 6
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