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Affinity Sensors
(Guest Editors: Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault, Carole Chaix)
30 April 2015
Biosensors in Agroecosystems
(Guest Editor: Glen C. Rains)
31 December 2014 1
Biosensors in Environmental Studies
(Guest Editor: Nastaran Hashemi)
30 November 2014 2
Cell and Organ on Chip: Challenges and Advances
(Guest Editor: Christophe A. Marquette)
31 March 2015
CMOS Sensor Microsystems
(Guest Editor: Vamsy Chodavarapu)
31 December 2014
Electrochemical and Biomedical Sensors
(Guest Editor: Chung-Chiun Liu)
30 June 2014 6
Electrochemical Based Biosensors
(Guest Editor: Chung-Chiun Liu)
30 April 2012 7
Fluorescence Based Sensing Technologies
(Guest Editor: A. Sheila Holmes-Smith)
30 April 2015
Immunosensors 2012
(Guest Editor: Nicole Jaffrezic-Renault)
31 December 2012 7
Imprinting of Macromolecules
(Guest Editor: Nicholas W. Turner)
31 December 2014
Label-Free Biosensors: Exploring the Field
(Guest Editor: Andrew M. Shaw)
31 December 2014 4
Low-Cost Biosensors for Developing Countries
(Guest Editor: Pedro Estrela)
31 May 2015 1
Magnetic Biosensors
(Guest Editor: Richard Luxton)
31 October 2014 4
Nano and Micro DNA/RNA Sensors
(Guest Editor: Jeff Tza-Huei Wang)
30 June 2013 6
Nanomaterials for Biodetection and Drug Delivery
(Guest Editor: Chenxu Yu)
31 July 2013 5
Neural Sensing and Interfacing Technology
(Guest Editor: Hargsoon Yoon)
30 September 2015
Organic Electronic Bio-Devices
(Guest Editor: Luisa Torsi)
30 September 2012 8
Sensors and Analytics for Cell Biology and Tissue Engineering
(Guest Editor: Nathaniel C. Cady)
31 December 2013 6
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