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Advances in Proteomics Methods
(Editors: Stephen R. Pennington, Lisa Staunton, David S. Gibson)
31 December 2013 5
Bacterial Adhesion
(Editor: Jukka Finne)
31 March 2013 10
Beyond the Modern Evolutionary Synthesis- what have we missed?
(Editor: John S. Torday)
01 March 2016 10
Biological Implications of Climate Change
(Editor: Lesley Hughes)
31 August 2012 15
Circadian Rhythms from Bench to Bedside
(Editors: Christian Cajochen, Christina Schmidt, Sarah L. Chellappa)
31 May 2016 3
Current Topics in Fish Immunity
(Editor: Brian Dixon)
31 August 2015 7
Current Understanding of Fish Immune Systems
(Editor: Brian Dixon)
15 May 2015 10
Developments in Bioinformatic Algorithms
(Editor: Sven Rahmann)
31 July 2013 7
DNA Methylation
(Editor: Melanie Ehrlich)
30 April 2014 10
Enzymes of Glutamate Metabolism in Health and Disease
(Editors: Arthur J.L. Cooper, Thomas M. Jeitner)
30 June 2016
Gene Expression and Regulation
(Editor: Mary O'Connell)
31 October 2012 13
Insights from Plant Genomes
(Editor: Tamas Dalmay)
31 August 2013 10
Ion Channels and Disease: Genetic and Transcriptional Channelopathies
(Editors: Fabio Franciolini, Luigi Catacuzzeno)
31 December 2016
Lipid Metabolism
(Editor: Annette Graham)
30 September 2014 12
Mechanisms of Mitotic Chromosome Segregation
(Editor: J. Richard McIntosh)
01 October 2016
Muscle Structure and Function
(Editor: Jim O. Vigoreaux)
15 May 2014 9
Next Generation Sequencing Approaches in Biology
(Editor: Mario Stanke)
31 July 2012 12
Polar Microbiology: Recent Advances and Future Perspectives Print Edition available
(Editor: Pabulo H. Rampelotto)
30 November 2012 23
Protein-Protein Interactions
(Editor: Thorsten Berg)
30 November 2014 9
Screening for Biologically Active Compounds
(Editor: Jonathan B. Baell)
31 January 2014 7
Seed Germination and Growth of Plants under Abiotic Stress
(Editors: Masayuki Fujita, Mirza Hasanuzzaman)
01 June 2017
Structural and Molecular Biology of HIV
(Editor: Andrew P. Rice)
15 May 2012 14
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