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Electronic Warfare Target Location Methods, Second Edition. Edited by Richard A. Poisel, Artech House, 2012; 422 pages. Price: £99.00, ISBN 978-1-60807-523-2
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Sensors 2013, 13(1), 1158-1159; doi:10.3390/s130101158

New Book Received *
Antenna Systems and Electronic Warfare Applications. Edited by Richard A. Poisel, Artech House, 2012; 1036 pages. Price: £129.00, ISBN 978-1-60807-484-6
Shu-Kun Lin
MDPI AG, Kandererstrasse 25, CH-4057 Basel, Switzerland
Received: 10 January 2013 / Accepted: 14 January 2013 / Published: 17 January 2013
The following paragraphs are reproduced from the website of the publisher [1].
This comprehensive book serves as a one-stop resource for practical EW antenna system know-how. Supported with over 700 illustrations and nearly 1,700 equations, this authoritative reference offers you detailed explanations of all the important foundations and aspects of this technology. Moreover, you get an in-depth treatment of a wide range of antenna system applications.
The book presents the key characteristics of each type of antenna, including dipoles, monopoles, loops, arrays, horns, and patches. This authoritative volume enables you to analyze and design broadband communication and radar EW antennas, interface antennas to receivers and power amplifiers with maximum efficiency, use multicouplers to connect multiple receivers to a single antenna, and apply the correct kind of antenna to EW problems.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction to electronic warfare antenna systems
Chapter 2. Principles of electromagnetic radiation
Chapter 3. Fundamental antenna properties
Chapter 4. Transmission lines
Chapter 5. Dipole antennas
Chapter 6. Monopole antennas
Chapter 7. Loop antennas
Chapter 8. Traveling wave antennas
Chapter 9. Antenna arrays
Chapter 10. EW applications of antenna arrays
Chapter 11. Yagi-Uda antennas
Chapter 12. Frequency independent EW antennas
Chapter 13. Aperture antennas
Chapter 14. Electrically small EW antennas
Chapter 15. Patch antennas
Chapter 16. EW applications of patch antennas
Chapter 17. Adaptive EW antenna arrays
Chapter 18. Fractal antennas
Chapter 19. Genetically designed EW antennas
Chapter 20. Antenna matching
Chapter 21. Multicouplers, combiners, and diplexers
Chapter 22. Radomes
Appendix A. RF amplifiers
Appendix B. RF switches
Appendix C. The method of moments
Appendix D. Properties of dielectric materials.
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  1. The website for this book is:
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