Neurorehabilitation: Progress and Challenges

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February 2024
180 pages
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This book is a reprint of the Special Issue Neurorehabilitation: Progress and Challenges that was published in

Medicine & Pharmacology
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The advancement of neurorehabilitation is imperative for addressing movement disorders in patients following a stroke or those with neurodegenerative diseases. This Special Issue contains significant clinical and foundational studies that present novel findings and offer potential insights for the future of neurorehabilitation.

  • Hardback
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pelvic inclination; taping; gait; stroke; carpal tunnel syndrome; nerve gliding exercise; sensory nerve conduction velocity; stroke; spasticity; assistive technology; radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy; stroke; spasticity; balance trainer; stabilometric assessment; neurological rehabilitation; multiple sclerosis; pilates-based exercise; exercise therapy; neurorehabilitation; physical therapy modalities; Gross Motor Function Measure; cerebral palsy; estimation; Zebris FDM-T; regression; ataxia; exergaming; telerehabilitation; hand dexterity; treatment adherence and compliance; activities of daily living; dexterity; functional independence; MYO armband; rehabilitation; semi-immersive virtual reality; technologies; upper limb impairment; virtual reality; cerebral palsy; hemiplegia; teenager; body ownership; rubber hand illusion; proprioceptive drift; multiple sclerosis; rehabilitation; gait; balance; fatigue; spasticity; dysphagia; overactive bladder; neurorehabilitation; stroke; upper extremity; motor function; cortical neuroplasticity; virtual reality; electrical stimulation; gait; stroke; lower extremity; walking; n/a